Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Gemini (Part 10 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Gemini (Part 10 of 13)

The third and final signs of each season are the mutable signs. These signs, which include Gemini (Spring); Virgo (Summer), Sagittarius (Autumn) and Pisces (Winter) are responsible for preparing towards change in the coming season.

Mutable SignsMutable Signs’ Qualities, General

Flexible, highly adaptive and communicative, natives of mutable signs embrace change and are often restless. Thrown a curve, they have the ability to turn around and find solutions quicker than you can say ‘Boo’. The most resourceful among all the signs of the Zodiac, people born under mutable signs can make much from very little. Highly detail-oriented, they can, however, occasionally lose sight of the ‘greater whole’ by getting too wound up in minute particulars.

The Mutable Signs: Gemini

The need for stimulation in Gemini natives cannot be overstated. These highly intellectual individuals need information and news like they need the air they breathe. Geminis are no loners and, thanks to their element (air) thoroughly enjoy exchanging ideas with others. To a Gemini, the dial and ring tones of a phone are as comforting as a baby’s heartbeat is to its mother.

Constantly racing, the minds of this adaptable mutable sign’s natives enable them to connect different bits of information together in a myriad of ways, which makes them exceptionally good at figuring out things – be they murder case facts; gadget instructions or the fine intricacies of the country’s budget. Remaining objective at all times, Gemini individuals can change position as rapidly as they take in new information.

Gemini’s Downfall

There is just one thing that tends to let Gemini natives down: their ability to handle several things simultaneously can on occasion tempt them into taking on too many responsibilities. When this happens, they can start to procrastinate or become scattered. When they remain focused, however, they can achieve more in a single day than most others achieve in a week.

Understanding Gemini Friends

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Tony Hyland