Bibliomancy: The Magic of Books

Bibliomancy: The Magic of Books

Books are, according to famed author Stephen King, a “uniquely portable magic”; a phrase that is true on a number of levels. Reading a book can transport you to another world and allow you to escape the mundane realities of your life; but books can also be used in divination, helping you to shape your day-to-day existence.

Called bibliomancy, or sometimes stichomancy depending on the precise techniques used, the act of divination from books is almost as old as the written word itself. It is a very simple form of divination, which requires very little in the way of preparation.

All you need is a book which is believed to hold truth; popular options include religious tomes such as the Bible or Koran, classics like Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey or perhaps the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

The book is balanced on its spine and allowed to fall open at random; with closed eyes, the bibliomancer chooses a passage on the open page. This is then interpreted to find the answer to your question or situation.

Of course, if you attempt this with a well-thumbed book, you may find that it tends to open at your favourite passages simply through use; for this reason some bibliomancers prefer to choose the page through other random means such as the rolling of dice or the use of a random number generator.

Another way to divine with books – the method with which the term stichomancy is usually connected – is to first choose a book at random from a large collection, and then similarly select the page and passage.

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English poet Robert Browning is said to have used this method when considering the future of his courtship with Elizabeth Barrett; he is said to have been disappointed when he chose a book on Italian grammar, but when he opened it his eyes fell upon a sentence given as a translation exercise; “if we love in the other world as we do in this, I shall love thee to eternity.” The two went on, of course, to marry and live harmoniously until Elizabeth’s death.

Such signs can also come to you when you are not seeking them; if a book falls off a shelf near you for no apparent reason, try picking it up and allowing it to fall open at random, as you may receive unexpected wisdom.

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