Colouring and Meditation

Colouring and Meditation

Over the last year or so, you may have noticed that colouring books have appeared in prime locations in your local book shop – not aimed at children, but at adults. Interestingly, this can be seen not only as a fun and productive way to spend your time, but also a spiritual one.

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By approaching colouring in with the right frame of mind, it can become a form of meditation, which can not only calm the mind but potentially open up your inner psychic talent and provide an insight into your path.

The first step is, of course, to choose what you will colour. There are myriad different books available commercially today, from those inspired by popular films and television series to more abstract works. For the purpose of meditation, abstract patterns are more effective than pictorial scenes, as it allows you to focus not on what you are colouring, but on the process of colouring.

Mandala patterns are a particularly effective design, as they are in fact designed for the purpose of meditation. They are commonly used for this purpose in tantric Buddhism, where practitioners contemplate the mandala to the point of saturation, to the extent that they can recall each individual detail of the complex pattern. Mandalas are often created in sand as a meditation on impermanence, with the creators taking days or even weeks to make the pattern before brushing it away and spilling the sand into running water for the blessings of the mandala to be spread far and wide.

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The second step is to ensure that you are well prepared; that you will not be disturbed and will be free to focus purely on the pattern and the colours. If you are using pencils, make sure that they are sharpened before you begin.

Then, simply allow your mind to empty of all extraneous thoughts. As with all kinds of meditation, you are likely to find thoughts entering your mind – just acknowledge them and put them aside. By focussing only on the pattern and the colour, you can enter a calm and refreshed state, which many psychics find is ideal for receiving insights.

Don’t think too much about the colours you use as you use them, but contemplate them afterwards, as they may offer insight into your subconscious choices. Colours have great meaning, after all; if you have used a lot of bright colours, reds and oranges, for example, this could be interpreted as an indication that you have strong passionate feelings which are not finding another outlet.

You may find it difficult to clear your mind enough to receive insights on your own situation – this is common, as our own circumstances can cloud insight. If this is the case, then you may find that a psychic phone reading can help to clarify your path. I and my team are standing by to help you – simply call on one of the numbers at the top of this page. You can also connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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