Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams have fascinated mankind throughout history, playing a crucial role in many cultures. It should come as no surprise that they feature heavily in the Bible, whether Joseph’s amazing interpretative powers saving Egypt from seven years of famine, or the mystical revelations of Jacob’s Ladder. Even in contemporary times we set great store by dreams- we discuss them with our friends and wonder if there could be any deeper meaning behind them. Certainly any writer worth his salt can come up with an enigmatic dream sequence.

Scientists and psychologists have tried to downplay this, suggesting they’re the brain’s way of dismissing ‘junk’ or exercises in wish fulfilment. Although these theories are ingenious, they’re overlooking an important fact: certain dreams crop up across all ages, races and cultures. This can’t help but beg the question- if they’re as trivial as we’re given to believe, why do we keep having the same dreams?

Here we shall examine the four most popular dreams and interpret them…

Falling Dreams

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO with the world at their feet or a naive teenager, this is far and away the most universal dream. Though details vary- from a cliff, off a skyscraper, simply plunging into space- there’s still the vertigo, the horrible sensation of the ground rushing up towards you.

Time to debunk a popular legend: you will not die if you hit the ground in your dream, however ingrained this fear seems to be. However unpleasant the dream is, it serves a vital purpose: something in your personal life is going wrong, and needs to be remedied immediately. A sign of deep rooted insecurity, it’s been reported that people suffering from depression are prone to falling dreams.

Losing Teeth

Another chestnut, particularly amongst women. This hints at concerns about your appearance and self image; you associate your social face with your smile, i.e. your teeth, so if you feel as though that’s coming under attack, it’s only natural to dream about dental troubles. In waking life you need to examine your attitude to yourself and your body. Is it simply the way you look, or is there a more pressing issue chipping away at your confidence?

Being Chased

We’ve all been there- running away from a pursuer, who often doesn’t show their face. This ranks amongst the most terrifying of dreams; though we may be aware that we’re dreaming, it can be all but impossible to wake up. In this case, the fact that the pursuer’s face is hidden is pertinent: are we hiding from something, whether it’s an issue or a person? Do we worry that this enemy might catch up with us? Chase dreams are commonly recurring, suggesting that once we confront the person or situation that’s scaring us, the dreams will come to an end.

Failing A Test

It doesn’t matter if you left school five or forty years ago, a surprisingly prevalent dream is sitting a school test and failing. It’s rare that you fail through a lack of knowledge- normally a range of obstacles are thrown in your path, whether it’s oversleeping, getting lost on the way or not having the necessary equipment. This suggests that you’re being tested in your daily life, having to meet impossible demands. If this becomes a recurring dream, study your life long and hard. Are you happy with your circumstances? Do you feel as though you’re acting a part?

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