Phone Medium Readings: How to Get the Best Medium Readings Over the Phone

Phone Medium Readings: How to Get the Best Medium Readings Over the Phone

The success of phone medium readings depends as much on you as it does on the medium you are consulting, so here are some tips on how to get the best medium readings over the phone you could possibly ask for.

What Happens During Phone Medium Readings?

Before we go into what you can do to get great psychic medium readings by phone, let’s briefly look at what happens during such a reading…

Genuine mediums, like those among the members of my team, work by connecting to the energies of both their clients and the spirits they contact. Having made that connection, they channel these energies and any messages coming through from the spirit realm.

Such messages may come in the shape of images, names or words; sounds, tastes and/or smells. A genuine medium will convey these messages by simply telling you what they see, hear, etc., as opposed to trying to interpret whatever they see/hear.

The interpretation of received messages is up to you, and it is important here to be aware that while some of them may be very clear and immediately make sense, others may be vague and/or make no sense at all to begin with.

It is equally important to be aware that the messages received may not necessarily be from the person you wanted to contact. Mediums do not “filter” for specific individuals but simply pass on “incoming” messages – and sometimes these messages come from someone other than the expected loved one.

So, What Can You Do to Get Great Medium Readings Over the Phone?

Here are my tips for making the most out of your medium reading:

  1. As I mentioned above, mediums connect to and channel energy and messages. For the channelled energy and messages to flow freely and with clarity, it is imperative for you to be clear-headed. In other words, it is important for you not to go into your reading intoxicated or with a hangover.

Alcohol, sleeping pills, other drugs and hangovers from a “heavy night” before can all affect the flow of energy and consequently the clarity of connections made.

While it is understandable that you may be nervous before your reading, getting a little “Dutch courage” out of a bottle is less than helpful and should therefore be avoided. There are much better ways to relax and calm your nerves, which brings me neatly to my second tip…

  1. Being a bundle of nerves not only affects the flow of energy but can also result in you being hit by what is often referred to as “psychic amnesia”. Essentially a state of utter confusion and forgetfulness, this classic and very common problem can not only stop you from remembering anything that has been said during your reading but also from recognising even clear messages and remembering even the most basic details of your own life.

To give an example, your reader may, for instance, say that your loved one is saying something about your dog Booboo and you may respond by denying that you even have a dog – despite the fact that dear Booboo is actually sleeping peacefully on your bed at the time…

Getting yourself into a calm, relaxed state before picking up the phone is therefore crucial. The best way to do this is to sit quietly and, breathing deeply and regularly, simply relax and get ready for around 15 minutes before the reading.

Some people find it helpful to listen to quiet, soothing music, too, and some spend this time focussing on the loved ones they wish to contact and/or questions they wish to ask them.

  1. Some people set themselves up for failure by trying to “make deals” with their departed loved ones. In other words, they approach a reading with the thought “if you say this or that, I will trust the reader and believe it’s you”.

To stick with good old Booboo, you may, for instance, decide to only believe your father is speaking if he mentions that thing Booboo did to make him laugh so much he almost choked.

If that message doesn’t come through, it is highly likely that you will not believe the spirit you are talking to is your father – and end up disappointed. The thing is, you cannot make deals like that, because this is not how readings work.

Firstly, spirits do not send messages in a neatly ordered fashion (i.e. one thing after another as though you are talking on the phone). Your reader is much more likely to get a whole lot of different messages all at once and will most likely only tell you about the ones that are coming through the “loudest” (clearest).

In other words, your Dad may well be talking about Booboo, but because other messages are coming through much clearer, your reader does not tell you about it (they do, after all, know nothing about your “deal” – or at least they shouldn’t, but more about that in Tip 4…)

Secondly, your Dad may have forgotten about that funny incident with Booboo or simply wish to tell you something he considers to be more important. If you don’t believe it is your Dad coming through because he doesn’t mention Booboo, you could consequently miss perfectly relevant, potentially very important messages.

In short, just because you don’t get the message you wanted to hear does not mean your reader failed or the person you are talking to is not the one you wanted to talk to – so don’t make deals and do approach your reading with an open mind!

    1. Don’t give your reader too much information to begin with – they should be telling you things, not the other way around. Giving them more information than they need will take away from your reading, because:

They may focus on receiving specific messages related to that information and miss other, potentially more important information in the process, and having fed them all this information, you will ultimately feel that the reading was a failure because in your mind, they only “knew” things because you told them first.

Similarly, your reader may ask you whether a message makes sense – when they do, a simple yes, no or “I’ll need more to be sure” will do.

You should also be careful not to “make messages fit”. If your readers says “I see you in a green lorry”, for instance, don’t make it fit by saying “yes, I have a green car” or (worse still) “well, I have a red car” – either way, it’s not the same and you should let your reader know that it makes no sense.

If, by the way, none of your reading makes any sense at all, do tell your reader as soon as possible (preferably within the first 5 minutes or so), because those “senseless” messages may not actually be for you…

It’s rare, but occasionally, spirits eager to communicate messages to someone other than a reader’s current caller (this could be someone the caller knows or perhaps someone who called earlier or will call next) “gate-crash” readings.

When this happens, it is best to stop the reading and re-schedule it for another time/date, rather than letting your reader go on making no sense at all for ages – wasting both your time & money and potentially convincing you (especially if you were sceptical to begin with) that it’s all a big mistake at best and a scam at worst.

  1. Finally, do give your reader a little room for “minor” errors – they are, after all, only human and can occasionally make mistakes. They may also make mistakes without being completely wrong – allow me to explain:

Readers sometimes misinterpret things they see or hear. Your reader may, for example, say they see a policeman claiming to be your uncle. If your dear departed uncle was a security guard, you may think they got it wrong – but wait a minute: they did see a uniform but misinterpreted the type of uniform it was, so they were almost there. Had they just said, “I see a man in uniform”, you would probably immediately have known that this was your uncle…

Another issue occasionally causing callers to think readers got it wrong is semantics., i.e. readers are using the wrong words to describe something they feel, see or hear.

They may, for instance, describe a person coming through as having a female energy, which would suggest a woman. If you were hoping to contact your father, you may think they are connecting to the wrong individual.

As it is, men can have feminine spirit energies and women can have masculine spirit energies, so there is a good chance that the individual your reader is connecting to is indeed your father (who has a feminine energy in the spirit realm), but your reader chose the wrong word (female instead of feminine) to describe his energy.

Naturally, if something is well and truly wrong (if, for instance, a reader tells you they are connecting to someone who is in fact still very much alive, or if they refer to good old Booboo as a ginger cat rather than the black dog he is…), you should tell your reader so, but if there is a chance that the mistake was a simple case of misinterpretation or muddled semantics, give them a chance to continue – they may well go on to prove how right they were all along.

Bearing these tips in mind will go a long way toward having great phone medium readings with any one of my carefully selected, genuinely talented and friendly readers. Why not give one of them a call today?

For UK callers, the number to call a member of my team is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 766 9422, Ireland 0150 60693, USA 1855 864 9383, ROW +44 207 111 6115.

Tony Hyland