Psychometry: The Psychic Touch

Psychometry: The Psychic Touch

There are many kinds of psychic talent; some allow the psychic to give readings at a distance whilst others require some proximity to their subject. One talent that requires a physical connection is psychometry; the art of the psychic touch.

Also sometimes known as “token object reading”, psychometry requires the psychic to touch an object or item that holds significance to the subject. They are then able to connect with the energies held within the item to make the psychic connection.

It is important for the item chosen to be one that holds a strong connection to the subject; ideally it should be one that has only had one owner, because this will ensure that the readings are clear. Something that has been worn or held frequently, such as a wedding ring, is ideal. You can also often get clear psychometric readings from a photograph, but again this will be clearer if it is of only one person.

In some cases, psychometry has even been used to assist the police; by handling something that belonged to a missing person, pychometrists have been able to gain psychic readings from the individuals concerned, allowing them to offer descriptions of relevant locations to the police and – in some tragic instances – communicate with the missing person in the afterlife.

Psychometry works because the energies of our lives can become imprinted upon the objects that surround us. If a particular item makes you feel happy or sad, then those emotions can be stored by that object and later reflected to a talented individual.

It can also be a way to connect with those who have passed on; by holding something that belonged to a lost loved one, or a photograph of them, a psychometrist can connect to their unique energies in order to locate their spirit on the other side and receive messages from them.

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