Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism of June

Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism of June

Like every other month, June has its very own, unique feeling, spiritual meaning and symbolism. Hosting Midsummer Day, this month radiates with solar energy, as do its symbols and affiliations.

Symbolism of June 1Symbolism of June

Named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage (and equivalent to Greek mythology’s Hera and the Celtic region’s ‘ultimate mother’, the Goddess Danu), June is said to be a good month to get married.

Jolting with joy and sun, June is associated with equally radiant, joyful symbols, including the rare and highly valuable semi-precious stone Alexandrite.

This stone varies, depending on the light it is exposed to (i.e. natural daylight, different types of artificial light) in colour from yellow and red to green and purple hues, all of which are symbolic of energy, growth and vitality. Said to draw good fortune, Alexandrite is also a stone to attract & keep love in your life.

Other gems associated with June include:

Moonstone – Opalescent and moon-like in appearance, this stone brims with lunar energy. Connected to dreams and emotions, moonstone is said to relieve depression. This stone’s energy is also believed to be primed for love, protection and receptivity.

Symbolism of June 2

Pearl – A symbol of purity, pearl is, according to Castile (13th Century physician) a medical marvel able to cure melancholy, restore strength and induce heart palpitations. Pearl energy is primed for love, good luck and protection, as well as aiding monetary gain.

Plants & Flowers

Symbolism of June 3Plants and flowers associated with this month include the:

Oak – This symbol of life, stability and strength embodies June’s energy by resonating with keynotes of creativity, fertility, life and the manifestation of desires. Both the Oak and June are also symbols of time, making this perfect for creating powerful, long-lasting memories.

Honeysuckle – Luscious and intoxicating in fragrance, honeysuckle symbolises attraction, love and renewal. Possessing balancing properties, this flower has a stabilising effect useful for medicinal purposes and is believed to promote good health & enhance confidence levels. It is also used for protection.

Rose – The sacred symbol of goddesses Aphrodite and Venus and associated with Adonis, Cupid and Eros, the rose is an iconic symbol of love and passion; ardour, devotion and sensuality. Connecting with divine energies, this flower taps into keynotes of dreams, fertility, renewal and truth. As a symbol of June, it expresses fullness of life, profound fulfilment of desires and vitality.

Signs of the Zodiac

In terms of astrological signs and symbols, June has two signs, Gemini and Cancer. Gemini is a high-energy sign with energies of balance, duality, partnerships and relationships. Linked to motherhood, home and emotion; femininity and fertility, Cancer relates to domestic values, family community and security.


The term balance has, as you will have noticed, come up several times within the symbols of June. This is no surprise, as June is also a month of balance. We have the ‘Mother’ figures, Juno, Hera and Danu, but we also have the ‘Father’, Zeus. This prominent patron of the month is the archetypal symbol power, strength, clarity and light – all of which do, as we have seen, feature prominently throughout the symbols of this month.

Zeus, the ‘father of all gods’, was honoured in mid-June (mid-summer) in Ancient Greece, which is the reason many believe the origins of Father’s Day, our honouring and celebration of fathers this month, is associated with this god.

Symbolism of June 4Summer Solstice

Then, of course, there is the Summer Solstice, or Litha (learn more). Typically celebrated around the 20th or 21st of June (the 21st in 2017), this day celebrates the bounty of life fuelled by solar rays. It is also symbolic of desire, passion and sensuality, as the warming energy of the sun fires our passion and warms our hearts to the abounding potential of life.

Your Month

All said and done, this solar-driven, high-energy month offers extraordinary potential in terms of creative expression, family and love. Would you like to know what June has in store for you? Order a one-month astrology forecast now to see what the next few weeks will bring.

Tony Hyland