Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

“The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.” – Jean Paul Richter

Belief in guardian angels is nothing new; it can be found throughout antiquity, in ancient cultures such as the Babylonians and Assyrians. You can even see the figure of an ancient guardian angel which used to protect an Assyrian temple now standing in the British Museum in London.

In both the East and the West, people have long believed that guardian angels serve to protect their charges, to carry their prayers and intercede on their behalf. They are found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism, and similar guardian spirits are found in other faiths and cultures– even the fairy godmother in the fairy tales we tell our children. With such widespread belief, it seems that there must be a truth that all these different cultures have embraced.

However, guardian angels are said to be very difficult to connect to. Only the most gifted and sainted individuals are allowed direct contact with their own guardian angels, such as Saint Gemma Galgani and the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta. For most, requesting angelic assistance requires prayer and belief, and keeping your eyes open for signs that your prayers have been received.

One of the most common signs that an angel is nearby and watching over you, or that they have heard your prayer, is the appearance of white feathers; especially if they appear in a place where you would not normally expect to find feathers – inside your house for example. They can also manifest in other ways, so you may suddenly notice “angel” in a pub or a street name, see their wings in the shape of a cloud or hear a song about angels on the radio just when you are thinking of or praying for angelic assistance.

To focus the attention of your guardian angel, alongside prayer and belief you can use angelic crystals such as seraphinite, angelite and celestite, and keep any white feathers that you find close until your prayers are answered.

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