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Call Tony for a Psychic Reading using a credit card:

1866 403 3407

Call Tony’s Team for a Psychic Reading using a credit card: 

1866 766 9422

  • Call Tony for a Psychic Reading using a credit card:
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  • Call Tony’s Team for a Psychic Reading using a credit card:
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Call Tony for a Psychic Reading using a credit card:
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Call Tony’s Team for a reading using a credit card:

Tony+msg to CA SMS Number

SMS cost £1.50/msg received, max 2 per reply. 18+ We may send you free promo msgs, to optout call Helpline: 0207 111 6210. Entertainment only SP:


I always strive to offer the best possible service. It is therefore important for me to hear what you have thought of the service you have received.

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See what others have said about the readings they have enjoyed, either by phone or email.

Thank you again for all your help,

Customer name: N B UK

Thank you for your previous email readings last week, I’m completely blown away by how specific the details are! I really appreciate your honesty, and both readings have given me lots of food for thought, and a sense of hope and clarity for the future 🙂

Thank you again for all your help,

Tony won’t sugar coat what he tells you

Customer name: L P UK

Very recently had an email with Tony. He was “!spot on”‘in his summing up of my ex partner, what has happened to spoil our relationship, comments about my health. I asked about an operation looming, and he told me it would take longer to recuperate than expected, that would be my fault! Well little did he know me and know I am the sort of person who ” runs before they can walk” and has little patience with allowing myself recovery from anything.

Tony won’t sugar coat what he tells you,, so try other phone psychics if you want fairy tales. Can handle the truth? He’s your man!

Honest, helpful and kind too.!

Customer name: R N UK

I couldn’t have describe my life better than Tony did, honest and helpful, kind also.
I cannot thank you enough.

Tony genuinely cares about his clients!

Customer name: P H Sydney Australia

My email from Tony was such a relief.. His reading helped to restore peace and sanity back into my life. I had become addicted to requesting readings with online psychics. I thought that to be a true reading, there had to be some consensus between psychics on those events they predicted, to increase the likelihood of them occurring. I was hoping that a new man would come into my life and they were all telling me what I wanted to hear. But their timeframes varied dramatically. One of them was already overdue & didn’t eventuate so I started suspecting the rest of them wouldn’t eventuate either.

I found Tony’s website and requested an email reading. According to Tony’s predictions, there will be a new man in my future, but I will just have to wait a little while, maybe a few years. . However, there will be plenty of work for me as well as travel when it does happen.

While I wanted it all to come sooner than it is being predicted, the things he told me are exciting & worth waiting for. I definitely feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to go through the unnecessary process of wondering why each month will pass without the other psychics’ predictions coming true. I’ve written them off & closed my account with them.

I feel that Tony has much more insight and I am confident of seeing his predictions unfolding rather than the false promises I was sold in the last two months by those online psychics. From their feedback, I have seen a lot of disgruntled customers. It’s great to break away from that habit & keep my money. Tony genuinely cares about his clients & is very respectful in his readings.

Just amazing!!

Customer name: J B Queensland

I highly recommend Tony. I have never had a reading before and Tony was my first reading. I have been so impressed with his honest predictions and accurate detailed explanations on things to come. He has given me a lot of direction and security for the things that lie ahead. I have now had 5 readings from Tony and will continue to use his services. Just amazing!!

Tony is the best!

Customer name: M O UK

Tony is the best! He does amazing and truthful readings. He won’t give you what you want to hear but he gives you the truth. His readings are very accurate. I’m so happy with Tony’s readings, he helped me so much. Without his help, I would still be stuck in a wrong place. I would highly recommend his services.

I should have listened.

Customer name: J C UK

I had a reading off you about two years ago. At the time I was hung up on a guy who turned out to be exactly what you said he was. It took me a long time to realise this and I should have listened. I came across that reading and knew I had to write in. You are very honest, even if it’s not what you want to hear at the time but looking back it’s spot on and I’d rather honesty. Thank you x

Would recommend highly!

Customer name: A R Scotland

Loving the readings, Completely relatable and very reassuring! Would recommend highly, Tony is coming across as an honest and good guy with empathy for his customers 5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I look forward to future readings!

Customer name: B K USA

I have had two email readings with Tony and both have far exceeded my expectations. Tony gives detailed and straight-forward information on every question asked. Tony responds to email readings very quickly and I know that I will get the most out of each reading. I appreciate his willingness to share his gift to help me and many others and I look forward to future readings!

Accurate and convincing.

Customer name: M N Hungary

Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for your psychic email reading.

The way you characterise the man I wrote about and the way you describe our current situation is accurate and convincing.
Only I did not know how to handle the situation because the behaviour of this man is really confusing.

I am really grateful to you, your help is invaluable to me.

Thank you again!

Thank you so much for your response.

Customer name: H S UK

Thank you so much for your response. I am actually pregnant now with our second baby and it is a girl so you are spot on with that. Everything else makes a lot of sense too and it’s put me at ease and made me realise I just need to embrace change and go with it

Thanks again

Wow…I think you have dated this man!

Customer name: S S Scotland

This email reading is so accurate! like this is exactly what I feel too…I think he might be a narcissist as his doubt is coupled by lies and deceit unfortunately.

Thank you again that was amazing!

Your word have reassured me.

Customer name: Tadeja G Bristol UK

Hi Tony,

thank you so much for this amazing reading! Your words have very much resonated with what my intuition was telling me so they read like a reflection of what I was thinking but wasn`t completely sure of. They reassured me and have helped me regain my sense of (the right) direction.

Thank you very much!


Psychic email reading

Customer name: K B Perth WA Australia

Hi Tony

I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you for my beautiful reading. I appreciate everything you said, it made me feel so much better and you delivered the reading in a very kind and caring way.

It was a really quick response too and I thank you for your time and effort. I feel great after reading that 🙂 you’ve lifted my spirits…

Thank you

Tony is like a good friend

Customer name: Aileen W. Bournemouth UK

I am glad to be able to leave my Feedback… from Bournemouth. Tony is like a good friend and has been for a long time now.

I would recommend him 100% to anyone who is undecided or in doubt. Not only that he presents his predictions with care and sensitivity – certainly wise.

Thank You Tony – you are the Best!

We do have trust issues and you were spot on.

Customer name: Joseph C. QLD Australia

Thank you for your email reading it was much, informative. We do have trust issues and you were spot on. It will be up to the both of us to work through them together to make this relationship strong.
Thank you very much for the reading.

I will certainly be using your services again in the future 🙂

Customer name: Andrew S. UK

Thank you very much Tony for the email reading, I really appreciate it, you are brilliant. I will certainly be using your services again in the future 🙂

Talking to you was like talking to a very switched on, non judgemental, WISE friend.

Customer name: Eve H. UK
Dear Tony

Thank you for helping me to see the light! Finally. It all makes sense and I can join the dots now. Talking to you was like talking to a very switched on, non judgemental, WISE friend who can just ‘see’ the truth. This has helped me hugely and I feel lighter and less confused now. Thank you so much.

Each time we speak you blow me away with your accuracy!

Customer name: Ava D. Essex UK
Tony I don’t know where to begin! I have been a client of yours for about a year now and each time we speak you blow me away with your accuracy! Tony’s ability to get to the core of someone is outstanding, I always feel so much lighter and more positive after talking to him despite sometimes the truth being difficult to hear but that’s why he is the best. He is honest and just tells you what he gets! Not only is he an exceptional psychic but he is also a very kind man who makes me laugh and is someone I feel I can talk to about literally anything. He has grown to become a great friend of mine as well. I have spoken to several readers in the past but now I only speak to Tony and Tony only! You will not be disappointed only mind blown and will probably end up talking for hours like I do !

Tony thank you again , you really are one of a kind and you really do have a true gift. I will be a client of yours for as long as you will continue to give readings.

P.S I will be thinking of you if I see a tick in my leg when I’m in Genghis land! Loool !

He is truly gifted!

Customer name: R A. London UK
I had a great reading with Tony Hyland he got straight to the point regarding my current situation and gave me accurate insight into what I need to do to get myself sorted. He is truly gifted! I wanted someone who can predict what will happen and I have seen testimonials of what he has previously predicted and I am so glad I was guided to Tony to give me some direction on my life.

He is a real psychic.…

Customer name: Kim B. Melbourne Australia
Prediction came true.
Thank you so much Tony. The prediction you made came true. I will be your client forever.
All readers reading my review, i would like to share my experience with you all. I had something related to court that i was almost sure will happen on 27/04/18 but to reassure myself due to stress i rang Tony to get reading. He predicted it will not happen on 27/04 but somewhere around mid to end july 2018. Today on 14/07 it happened. I am so happy it exactly went as Tony predicted. He is a real psychic. There are more predictions he has made for me and i have no doubt that they will also come true.
If you feel like giving up in a situation or are very stressed about any problems in your life. Do yourself a favour, get a reading from Tony. He will guide you onto right path. Am a very happy client.

Tony was incredible …

Customer name: S B. UK
Tony was incredible, never would have thought he could have known some of the things he knew about my past. He will tell you things from the heart and not just what you want to hear. Thanks Tony

His gift helps me to move on bravely…

Customer name: JVH Belgium
When the whole world seems to come to an end around me, I drag myself to the website of Mr Hyland with my last effort to seek hope. He does not tell me what I would like to hear, he tells me what is happening. And truthfully. Unlike so many fake self-enthroned mediums. His gift helps me to move on bravely. Thank you very much, Sir.

What a breath of fresh air…

Customer name: Demarara Edinburgh UK
What a breath of fresh air… It was like chatting to a friend who does not sugar coat the truth whilst he is able to tell you what you need to hear in a sensitive and empathetic manner.

I am grateful for my restless mind being appeased. Thank you Tony.

Tony certainly put me at ease within seconds…

Customer name: Joy P Colchester UK
Tony asked me if I wanted a general reading or something specific and then he said I know you have had health worries so let concentrate on that, well the reading I had with Tony was insightful and interesting, he picked up on some of my inner worries which I had been keeping to myself, so I will be interested to see if everything he said comes true over the next few months and if it does 2016 looks like a better and brighter year for me.

I was slightly nervous about my reading but Tony certainly put me at ease within seconds and I would certainly go back to him for another reading.

Tony thank you …

Customer name: Jamie Pinner UK
I just want to say a massive thank you to Tony for his reading in April. Tony’s reading was the most accurate and informative reading I have had. When I asked him if I would pass my maths exam in June 2015, he said that I wouldn’t pass but I would be close to the pass mark. Got my results today and the results showed that I failed by 2 marks. Tony is a really good psychic and will blow you away. Tony says it how it is and not what you want to hear. He is very professional with his approach but also very caring. I can’t wait to see what else will come to light from this reading.

Tony thank you …

Customer name: C R Sydney NSW Australia
I appreciate your comments and you have helped me to make my decision to hold my ground with him … You have made me feel relieved and happy thank you C

I just needed to share how amazing he is.

Customer name: Maggie NW UK
I have read with Tony for nearly two years and I just needed to share how amazing he is. Things he predicted over twelve months ago are still unfolding and he has never wavered over what he sees. He’s not one to tell you what you want to hear or to keep you coming back, he tells you as he sees it and I can say from experience how spot on he is – so much has already come to pass.
Thank you for always being there Tony.

Your reading was spot on!

Customer name: YH from UK
Hello , I just wanted to say your reading was spot on! I had one further miscarriage and a false alarm and gave birth to a healthy baby girl in November!! Few scares during pregnancy with my health but I just took it easy, no complications in childbirth.One very happy doting father  and  a very loved up mammy.

Thank you, as without your reading I would have actually given up x

He totally blew me away

Customer Name: Margaret UK
From the first time I had a reading with Tony he totally blew me away with the accuracy of the situation. He never asked questions and his timings have been so close. I have had many readings and seen his predictions come to pass again and again. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to know the truth because Tony certainly doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but he does tell you exactly what he sees and this has proved correct for me.

Greatly appreciated

Customer Name: Esterina UK
Tony thank you very much for the reading yesterday, the way you explained everything to me was so helpful and I now know I will be able to deal with the situation a bit better, I will be in touch at a later date for another reading, right now I need to concentrate on the current situation, so many things happening at the one time. Greatly appreciated. Esterina


Customer Name: Linda Christian USA
Hello! I just want to THANK YOU so very much for the amazing reading regarding my first love, Butch. It was spot on! The part that brought absolute tears of truth to my eyes was the line “He was almost terrified of hurting you.” This line will continue to reveal so much to me. The whole reading was clear, truthful and filled with special meaning for me. Thank you very much. You are gifted!


Customer Name: Courtney
I have been reading my horoscopes here for a year, and at this point I can’t even remember how I found you. I just want to know… How do you get these horoscopes to be eerily accurate? People say that very general statements are always used to convince people it’s real, but they are always very specific here for me. For example, my horoscope said that a person in red would have valuable advice for me. Another entire post said I would have trouble explaining something and it would give the wrong impression, and that happened with my family. I’m just curious… How do you do it?

Lovely man to talk to…

Customer Name: Clare, Jersey, Channel Islands.
Spoke to Tony today about a relationship issue. Tony picked up on the personality and situation surrounding my partner accurately and helped to clarify things for me, giving some time frames for the future outcome and helping me to understand the actions of this person. Not looking forward to the two months of ‘little contact’, but I feel Tony is right, sometimes we have to lose something for it to come back to us in a new and better way. I will hang in there Tony and like you say, the long term outcome will be one which is worth waiting for. I will follow your advice and I will update you in a few months as to the outcome. Thanks Tony! Lovely man to talk to…

Your reading was astonishing.

Customer Name: Jan, Belgium
Your reading was astonishing. I am flabbergasted as well by the things you “saw” as by those you did not “see”. I never met a clairvoyant willing to even think of a time gap, all of them most meticulously avoid that matter. If any of what you foretold ever comes true, be aware that you have me and many an other client for life. After all, at age 62, I find 180 days, 270 days, 365 days to be short periods of time for being patient. Your gift, if genuine (and sofar I see no reason to doubt you), strikes me as a huge responsibility.

Best wishes,

Thank you for your thoughts and words

Customer Name: Lisa West Midlands UK
I’ve just moved home and have had it in my mind to email you since our last talk.

I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and words. In some wobbly moments they are, and have been a comfort.

Thats all. Just a thank you.
Am sure I’ll be in touch in the not too distant future.

All the best

Your insights and predictions have proved invaluable

Customer Name: Ken South London
Tony, your insights and predictions have proved invaluable in sorting out my life and getting it back on track. Many thanks for all your excellent help.

You will be speechless.

Customer Name: J.Yang Melbourne Vic.
I’ve talked to MANY ONLINE and phone psychics. When I contacted Tony, I was already very upset about the online psychis and thinking to myself not to give it another go! I’d experienced with some readers, they were being VERY BLUNT (It’s OK to tell people something they don’t want to hear, but in a better way, instead of pointing finger out and criticize them!), they asked you as many questions as they could, and it ended up getting NONE of information you needed or wanted! Another kind of online or phone psychic, they don’t care about you or your feelings, and it’s all about business and money! However, what an angel sat on my shoulder to find him, such a caring, approachable, friendly and accurate reader & friend! He read the photo, and started telling me things that I didn’t tell him. Also, what he has told me is something I can see it will happen for sure. (I just need assurance honestly) Now, I’m waiting for the predictions come to pass :)! But all I can say is, if you are someone already like me who spent loads of money on online psychic readings and encountered some fake ones, oh well, talk to Tony! I’m sure he will smoothing your soul, reassure you, and guide you to the RIGHT direction! He tells you what he sees, and what you NEED TO KNOW! Take a deep breath before you talk to him, be ready to know the truth. He can read your mind and tell you a life story ;)! You will be speechless.

I’ve never really believed in psychics

Customer Name: C.R. From Melbourne Vic.
I’ve never really believed in psychics – that’s not to say I don’t believe psychic ability to be real, I’ve always thought some people do possess the ability to perceive what most cannot. What I should say is that I don’t believe most of the psychics available throughout the world-wide-web are anything but scammers, slight (or a lot) left of center or at best, life coaches. I still believe that. Tony is definitely different. For a start, he was able to tell me facts that he could not have simply ‘guessed’ or assumed. Things I know to be true that no one else but the parties involved could know. I appreciated the honesty and lack of sugar-coating; I didn’t call just to be told what I wanted to hear, I wanted to know what I needed to hear, warts and all. Do i believe Tony has actual ability? Yes. He will hit the nail on the head and leave you a bit bewildered, especially if you’re more inclined towards skepticism like me.

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