Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Aquarius (Part 9 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Aquarius (Part 9 of 13)

Aquarius is the fixed sign of Winter. Like its fellow fixed signs (Scorpio, Autumn; Leo, Summer and Taurus, Spring), it has the role of maintaining, defending and upholding responsibilities; positions, desires and goals in daily situations.

Fixed Signs’ Qualities, General

Fixed Signs - Aquarius Fixed signs rarely welcome change. Hard to distract and occasionally downright stubborn and/or stuck in well-trodden ruts (an unfortunate downside of their capacity to always stay the course), they act as preservers of tradition.

While fixed sign natives can at times hold strong opinions, and be somewhat inflexible (traits that are needed and should be encouraged in some areas of life), they are highly valued for their loyal and devoted; consistent, patient and reliable natures.

The Fixed Sign Aquarius

With their natural domain being the 11th sector, Aquarius natives also take on the role of creating and founding organisations and groups. As a radical, future-ruling sign, Aquarius is often believed to be more of a mutable sign (more about mutable signs will follow in Part 10) , rather than a fixed one, but the fixed quality of those born under Aquarius is clearly demonstrated by their orderly, scientific minds and insistence on insuring they get accurate results by maintaining strict procedures at all times.

Aquarius natives do forge their way into the future, but not in the impulsive, rash way an Aries native, for example, may forge ahead. Instead, they insist on complete objectivity – there are no preconceived ideas or emotional decisions with an Aquarius individual. Their dogged pursuit of discovery usually pays off sooner or later – Aquarius is, after all, the inventor of the Zodiac.

Aquarius Friends

Combining a foundation laid by their communicative Air element with the qualities of a fixed sign, Aquarius individuals are driven to make friendships permanent. Taking their friendships more seriously than most other signs, Aquarius natives tend to care for, defend and keep their friends for life.

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Tony Hyland