Colours and Their Psychic Meanings

Colours and Their Psychic Meanings

Colour is all around us in the natural world, and we instinctively associate certain colours with certain feelings, emotions or attributes. Red feels warm and passionate; blue soothing and calming, and yellow vibrant and energetic. There is a reason for this; the colours themselves hold psychic meanings that we naturally react to.


Red is associated with passion; not only with passionate love but also with anger. It is a very forceful colour that vibrates with the strongest emotions. Red can give courage and self-confidence, and relates to your self-awareness.


Orange carries some connections in common with red; again it is a colour of confidence. Rather than self-awareness, orange relates to self-respect; it is a positive emotional colour that relates to joy and enthusiasm, and can help to connect you to your senses.


The colour of sunshine; yellow is an exceptionally energetic and stimulating colour that relates to your self-worth. It can help give clarity and encourage wisdom; it relates strongly to your ego and personality.


Green is the colour of nature and of balance; it is a harmonious and calming colour which relates to the ability to love yourself and be at one and at peace with the world around you. It encourages relaxation and self-control.


Blue is a naturally soothing and pacifying colour; the colour of the sea, it represents knowledge and is the colour of self-expression. It is often associated with truth and speech, and is a highly spiritual colour.


Indigo is a colour of the mind; it relates to self-responsibility, and is often used psychically to encourage intuition and understanding. It also relates strongly to dreams and to psychic powers.


The most spiritual colour of all, violet relates to your self-knowledge. It is strongly associated with beauty, creativity and inspiration, and is thus a very artistic colour. Violet can encourage inner strength and idealism.

Psychics can use colours in a number of ways; for example, they may see the colours in your aura or sense them clairvoyantly. By observing imbalances in these psychic colours, they can then offer advice on your spiritual journey. For a psychic reading call me or a member of my team to get a reading now.

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