Understanding Spirit Animals

Understanding Spirit Animals

Animals, birds and other creatures have always been important to mankind. We have relied upon them for food, for furs and feathers for our clothing, and even for companionship. In many cultures, animal totems or spirit animals have also brought important messages to us, helping us to gain insight and self-awareness.

It is, of course, the Native American culture which is most strongly associated with the idea of an animal totem, however it is not entirely unique to these people, and spiritual animal messengers have been found all around the world.

The meaning of spirit animals

Sometimes, your spirit animal may shed some light on your nature; a bear may indicate a certain strength in your character, a fox may indicate a quick and cunning wit, or an owl may be indicative of wisdom. These will be your life totems, and will generally stay with you.

At other times, spirit animals may bring messages or challenges – you may find that you have a spirit animal which inspires fear in you, such as a spider or a snake, and this is an indication that you need to make a positive change in your life. These spirit animals will usually leave once the message has been heeded or the change made.

What is your spirit animal?

You may have a spirit animal who remains with you throughout your life, reflecting aspects of your character, or you may have different ones who come and go depending on your needs. Be aware of signs around you – if you seem to see a particular animal more frequently than normal, this may well be a spirit animal for you.

You may also be able to identify your spirit animal with a simple meditation.  Find a quiet space with no distractions, calm your breathing and clear your mind. Imagine yourself in a wild place – a forest, a jungle or whichever natural space comes to your mind. In your mind’s eye, allow it to be populated with the creatures that would naturally be in this setting. Your spirit animal, should it wish to be known to you at this time, will appear close to you, and may lead you on a path through the space. Pay attention to what you see and hear along this path, as there may well be symbols that can assist you in your life’s journey.

Alternatively, if you are not able to identify your spirit animal yourself, you may be able to discover its identity through a psychic phone reading. My team and I offer a range of ways to help you discover your path through life, from horoscopes to personal readings.

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