Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Pisces (Part 13 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Pisces (Part 13 of 13)

In this, the final part of my series on Qualities, I will explore the last of the mutable signs – Pisces.

Mutable Signs in General

Before exploring how this mutable quality affects Pisces, allow me to briefly recap on mutable signs and their qualities in general…

Mutable Signs

The third, and final signs of each season are known as the mutable signs. Apart from Pisces, which is the last sign of winter, these signs include Gemini (spring), Virgo (summer) and Sagittarius (autumn). These signs all have a role of transition into coming seasons. Common traits among these signs include flexibility, destruction and communication.

General Mutable Qualities

Highly adaptable, restless and flexible, mutable signs are always ready to embrace change and very communicative. The most resourceful signs of the Zodiac, they can turn very little into much and find solutions to problems quicker than anyone. Their highly detail-oriented nature does, however, occasionally cause them to lose sight of a greater whole by getting too wound up in minute particulars.

Mutable Signs – Pisces

Using their mutual nature to thoroughly explore and then adapt to the feelings of those around them, the highly communicative Pisces native will take the concerns of others very seriously and will always be ready to offer sympathy, advice and/or information, whichever happens to be most appropriate for any given situation.

Mutable Signs - PiscesTheir strong ability to adapt allows Pisces natives to almost literally become the person they are trying to help, frequently failing to see where they end and others begin.

This can be difficult for them, because their strong intellect continues to ruminate over the varying issues involved and potential ramifications long after the person they helped has sorted their issues out.

Understanding Mutable Signs – Pisces Natives

Pisces-born friends and loved ones need closure, so if you have asked them for help or advice, do make sure to let them know how things turned out and what actions you had to take to get things sorted as soon as you can. Failing to do this will have your poor Pisces perpetually anxious over your condition. Last, but by no means least, do show your Pisces friend or loved one that you appreciate them – taking too much of an advantage of their good nature is a huge, cosmic no-no.

Learn More About Pisces

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Tony Hyland