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    Psychic Phone Readings with Tony:
    Call now on:0800 999 3831
    Call now on:0800 999 3831
    Call now on:0150 60692
    Call now on:1866 902 7751
    Call now on:1855 864 9382
    Call now on:1800 558 140
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  • CTA 3: Pay by phone bill

    Pay by Phone Bill Readings:
    Call now on:0906 661 0696
    Calls charged at £1.50 per min + your phone providers access charge 18+ Helpline 01458831262. All calls are recorded, for entertainment purposes only SP: Inveroak ltd.
    Call now on:1580 600 353
    Calls cost €2.44 per min from EIR landlines, other networks may cost more. SP Inveroak calls recorded for entertainment only 18+. Helpline 1800 719347
    Call now on:1900 528 5525
    Calls cost $2.99 CAD per minute, you must be over 18 or have parent's permission. All calls are recorded.
    Sorry, this service is not available in your country
    Call now on:1902 255 078
    Calls cost $3.95 + gst per minute, calls from mobiles/payphones may cost more. Calls recorded for your protection. Service Provider www.InverOak.com. Helpline 1800 176 020.
  • CTA 4: Text Readings

    Psychic Text readings:
    Tony+msg to 78887
    SMS cost £1.50/msg received, max 2 per reply. 18+ We may send you free promo msgs, to optout call Helpline: 0207 111 6210. Entertainment only SP: InverOak.com
    Sorry, this service is not available in your country
    Sorry, this service is not available in your country
    Sorry, this service is not available in your country
    Tony+msg to 1977 1977
    25c/msg sent & $3.50 per reply. Replies may be up to 2 msgs. The Psychic Centre Service is provided by InverOak. Helpline 1800 050 829. Entertainment only. 18+
  • Relationship Forecast Pack – Printed

    Individually prepared using your own unique birth details for only £69.99 $139.99 $139.99 €104.99 $139.99 Save around 30%

    Save money on the cost of individual reports with this pack which includes two character profiles, a relationship analysis for the relationship between the two people, plus 2 one year forecasts.

    This is a great gift for Valentines Day, engagements, weddings and any other occasion.

    Be self-aware, in command, and make the most of your potential with an easy to read interpretation of each of your Birth Chart. Your main qualities are simply defined and positively explained. Automatically, you will be able to see how the various parts of you – the good, the difficult and the uncertain – connect with and influence each other to create the one whole being that you are. This Profile includes your Birth Chart itself, and interpretations for the Signs, Houses and Aspects of the Sun, Moon and Planets.

    Know the ‘flight-path’ of your life and travel successfully and safely, with a Year Forecast for each of you. See how the planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter affect you over any 12 month period. This could help you to maximise opportunities and minimise any difficulties. Above all it will teach you to know yourself better and attune yourself to cosmic and natural processes. You can also look at years gone by if you wish to gain an understanding of significant chapters in your past.

    This report compares the horoscopes of two people to discover how they interact. The chemistry between the two is then set out as each others impressions of the other, along with the strengths you have as a couple, describing how your lives as individuals and as a pair are enjoyed and improved, and how they meet challenges as they are encountered. This report is aimed at connecting you with the most real and important energies that are brought about by two people coming together.

    To create your personal reports we need your date of birth, place of birth and (if possible) time of birth.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know your time of birth, we can manage without it. We need the details for both people!

    Click here to view PDF Sample Character Profile
    View Sample Relationship Report
    View sample: One Year Forecast

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