Past Lives

Past Lives

Reincarnation, the belief that the soul or spirit is reborn in a new body after passing, has been part of many beliefs, both ancient and modern. It is a central tenet of the Indian religions, found in many tribal societies, and is increasingly a subject of interest to Western society, having been portrayed in many films and television shows.

Different cultures differ in their perceptions of reincarnation; some believe in an eternal soul which continues through many lives, while others (such as the Buddhists) believe rather in a stream of consciousness, connecting one life to the next whilst still acknowledging a change. Some expect that the reincarnated soul of a human would continue into a new human life, others that you may be reborn as any living creature.

The idea is, of course, endlessly fascinating. Many are interested by the notion that they could, in a past life, have met their loved ones before; that they might have lived through famous historical events and seen sights long lost to history.

Naturally, the laws of chance dictate that most of us would most likely have held past lives as humble as our current ones; but perhaps you might have been a president, a queen or a mighty warrior.

There are many tales of people who believe that they have experienced reincarnation; one of the most interesting is the story of Canadian Bruce Whittier. He had recurring dreams of being a Dutch Jew, hiding with his family. Upon waking, the dreams left him restless and nervous. When he began to record them, he recalled a clock, so clearly that he could draw it in detail. When he dreamed that the clock was in a particular antique shop, he went there – and found it in the window, exactly as he had seen it. The dealer informed him that it had come from the property of a retired German army officer – in the Netherlands.

Of course, one of the main emotional attractions of a belief in reincarnation is the comfort that it gives to the grieving; if your loved one’s soul continues on, they are never truly lost.

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