Divination by Dowsing

Divination by Dowsing

Dowsing is the practice of divination often used to locate underground sources of water or other hidden objects, and like many other forms of divination it has been practiced for many centuries.

Traditionally, dowsing is conducted with either divining rods or pendulums. Divining rods are usually made from a forked or Y-shaped piece of hazel wood, with the dowser holding the two forked ends so that the third end (the bottom of the Y) faces outwards. This end will dip or twist when the dowser senses a positive reaction to their search.

In more recent years, alternatives to the hazel dowsing rod have been used. A frequent variation is the use of two L-shaped rods, made from metal and with the short arm of the L held in each hand – these tend to react by swinging in towards each other to form a cross, or by swinging outwards. Some have even made successful dowsing rods from wire coat hangers, using cotton reels to make handles which allow for free movement.

For dowsing conducted indoors, a pendulum – usually a crystal on the end of a chain – is more often chosen. This is ideal for dowsing over a map, and many dowsers will use this technique for their initial search before moving out into the field with their dowsing rods.

Dowsing has been used for many reasons throughout the years; from farmers searching for water on their land to US Marines in the Vietnam War searching for hidden landmines.

Clairvoyants can also use dowsing techniques to answer questions; this is generally done with a crystal, as it tends to be conducted indoors. Firstly, the pendulum is calibrated to ascertain the reactions for “yes” and “no”. The clairvoyant will ask a yes or no question to which the answer is known, and watch the pendulum to see if it swings in a circle, side to side, or in a particular direction. The same is repeated with the opposite answer, and then it can be used to seek the answers to specific questions to which the answer is not known.

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