Divinatory Alphabets

Divinatory Alphabets

Throughout the world, there are many different divinatory systems which may be used by psychics to help guide and advise their clients. For many, divination is not their original purpose; for example, the tarot was originally designed as a card game. Both the Vikings and the Celts used unique alphabets which have also come to be used as divinatory tools; the Runes and the Ogham.

The Runes

The runes were used in many Germanic languages prior to the adoption of the Latin alphabet, and can be seen on many ancient stones throughout England and Europe today. The best known form is called the Elder Futhark, which was used from the 2nd to the 8th centuries. Because each letter uses only straight lines, it is ideal for carving into stone surfaces.

Each figure of the Elder Futhark is a letter, but they also have names and meanings, and it is these that are referred to when using the runes for divination. For example, the rune ?, which looks a lot like the R of our Latin alphabet and represents the same sound, is called Raido and represents a ride or a journey.

The Ogham

Used between the 4th and 6th centuries, the Ogham is sometimes known as the Celtic tree alphabet; each figure represents not only a letter or sound but also a tree or other plant, and meanings are drawn from these connections in divination.

Like the runes, the Ogham consists of straight lines; one long straight line for the entire phrase, with differing bars across for each phrase. For example, the figure Beith (which represents the letter B and means Birch-tree) is drawn with one bar that extends to the right of the main line when written vertically. This is the first letter of the Ogham, because it was in birch that the Ogham was first written. In a divination, Beith represents new beginnings, possibilities and creativity.

When used in divination, the runes are usually painted or carved into stones or tiles, and the Ogham are usually carved upon sticks. A simple way to use them is to then focus upon your question and draw a single rune stone or ogham stick from the bag; the figure you reveal can be interpreted to provide you with your answer.

Whilst it is possible to use any divinatory system to find answers to your questions and guide your journey in life, it takes time to learn how to interpret them fully; in the meantime, for advice and guidance you can call me or a member of my team to get a reading now.

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