Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1

Today, we are starting our exploration of the third suit in the Tarot’s Lesser Arcana, Swords. As usual, I will begin by looking at the meanings of the King, Queen, Knight and Page of the suit.

Tarot Cards - the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1 1Lesser Arcana, Swords – The King

Drawn facing the right way up, the King of Swords indicates anything that may arise out of the concept of judgment and its varying connections, including authority, command and law; militant intelligence, offices of the crown, power, and so on. As such, this card may also indicate a doctor, lawyer or senator, for instance. Facing upside down, it may signify barbarity, cruelty or evil intentions; a bad man or perversion.



Tarot Cards - the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1 2Lesser Arcana, Swords – The Queen

Facing the right way, the Queen of Swords may signal an absence, embarrassment or sadness in a female; mourning, privation or separation; sterility or widowhood. Reversed, it may indicate artifice, bigotry or deceit; malice, prudery or a bad woman.





Tarot Cards - the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1 3Lesser Arcana, Swords – The Knight

When facing the right way, the Knight may symbolise a man of arms, or soldier; a stipendiary or a satellite. It may also predict a soldier’s heroic action, as well as bravery, skill or defence; a capacity, address or enmity. In addition, this card may indicate destruction, opposition or war; wrath or ruin. When drawn upside down, it may signal extravagance, incapacity or imprudence; a dispute/argument with an imbecile or, if the querent is a woman, a struggle involving a rival who will, however, be conquered.



Tarot Cards - the Lesser Arcana, Swords, Part 1 4Lesser Arcana, Swords – The Page

Symbolising authority, examination and spying, this card may, when facing the right way, indicate overseeing, vigilance or secret service. It may also warn of someone prying into secrets of the querent. Drawn reversed, it pints towards the more evil qualities of the above-mentioned activities or indicate an unprepared state and that which is unforeseen. In some contexts, it may also intimate sickness.

Interpretation of Cards

As I mentioned in previous posts, these meanings are general and specific answers are based on any given card’s position within a spread, the question/problem at hand and other factors.

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