Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 16 to 21

Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 16 to 21

Having discussed the meanings of the first 16 cards in previous instalments, let’s look at the last six cards of the Major Arcana, Cards 16 to 21.

Major Arcana, Cards 16 to 21

The cards we will examine today include:

  • 16 – The Tower
  • 17 – The Star
  • 18 – The Moon
  • 19 – The Sun
  • 20 – Judgement
  • 21 – The World

As I mentioned before, the meanings of these cards and how they should be interpreted by readers and querents depends on where each card is positioned within a spread; whether it is drawn the right way up or facing upside down; what cards are surrounding it and, of course, the question the querent wishes to have answered.

Major Arcana 116 – The Tower

Facing the right way up, The Tower may indicate adversity, calamity or deception; disgrace, distress or indigence; misery or ruin. Upside down, it could point towards the same as above, but to a lesser degree, as well as imprisonment, oppression or tyranny. 






Major Arcana 217 – The Star

Drawn facing the right way, The Star may signal abandonment; loss, privation or theft. Depending on its position in the spread, it may, however, also indicate bright prospects and hope. Facing the wrong way up, it could indicate impotence, arrogance or haughtiness.






Major Arcana 318 – The Moon

When The Moon is facing the right way, it may point at calamity, danger or deception; darkness or terror; hidden enemies or error. Upside down, it could indicate inconstancy, instability or silence; as well as lesser degrees of error or deception.






Major Arcana 419 – The Sun

The right way up, The Sun may point towards contentment, a fortunate marriage or material happiness. This also applies when this card is upside down, although to a lesser degree.







Major Arcana 520 – Judgement

The Judgement card may, when facing the right way, indicate a renewal, change of position or outcome. Facing the wrong way up, it may signal a decision, deliberation or sentence; simplicity, faintheartedness or weakness.






Major Arcana 621 – The World

This card may point at assured success, a change of pace or emigration; a flight, route or voyage. Reversed (upside down), it may signal steadfastness; inertia, permanence or stagnation.






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