The Psychic Significance of Heather

The Psychic Significance of Heather

Heather, in all its colourful variations, is a beautiful flower and a hardy plant. Found on the desolate moorlands and high hills of Britain, it also has a long lasting tradition of significance.

A beautiful tale tells of how the heather came to be so common in the desolate areas where it is now found. The moorlands, barren and lonely, asked the oak to grow there as it was so strong. The oak refused; it needed deep soil to sink its roots into, and the stony hillsides would not do. They asked the honeysuckle to grow there, to spread beauty and fragrance, but the honeysuckle refused; it needed something to grow against, and the moorlands were too barren. They asked the rose, the most splendid of all flowers, but it refused; the cold and the wind and the rain would destroy it. However, the plucky little heather volunteered, and as a result it was rewarded with the strength of the oak, the fragrance of the honeysuckle and the beauty of the rose.

Despite being common in isolated areas, it has long been used by the people of the British Isles. The ancient Picts used it to brew a kind of ale which was so sought after that legends say the Vikings fought entire Pictish armies in attempts to get the secret recipe.

Heather is thought to have been sacred to the Druids. The bees that fed upon the heather produced honey, which was used in the brewing of mead, in turn often used as a sacrament in Druidic ritual. They associated heather with joy and community, so this cycle brought these connections into the mead and into the ritual.

It’s often considered to be a lucky flower. Queen Victoria wrote of an incident where her servant, Mr Brown, jumped off the carriage to pick a sprig of white heather he had spotted in passing; “No Highlander would pass by it without picking it, for it was considered to bring good luck.” While other colours of heather are just as beautiful, it’s white and pink heather that most often bring good fortune and protection, so if you are given a sprig of lucky heather you should make sure that you keep it safe and close to you so you can benefit from it.

Other colours hold different associations; red heather is particularly connected to passion, and purple heather to spiritual development and psychic ability, as well as beauty and admiration. All shades of heather enhance aspects of selflessness and caring, and because it is so hardy it can be worn to help you through difficult circumstances.

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