Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August

Augustus Caesar, Rome’s first emperor after the assassination of Julius Caesar, completed his predecessor’s calendar reform by also naming a month after himself. Thus meaning ‘Augustus Caesar’s month, August has, like other month, many spiritual symbolisms and meanings. Here are some of them.

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August 1Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August – The Kingfisher

The kingfisher has long been associated with and regarded as a symbol of August. Heralding sunshine, new warmth and love, this beautiful bird is frequently associated with royalty and has been a symbol of prosperity and peace for a long time.

Also frequently referred to as the Halycon, it is surrounded by many superstitions and legends, many of which originated in ancient Greece.

Greek mythology has it that Alcyone, the daughter of Aeolus (the ‘King of the Winds’) threw herself into the ocean after finding her husband drowned. Her devotion was rewarded by the gods, who turned her into a kingfisher. Her father then prohibited the blowing of winds during the ‘Halcyon Days’, the 7 days before and after the winter solstice (when, according to legend, the kingfisher female lays its eggs).

The kingfisher is associated with:

  • Pallas, one of the godlike race of giants – the Titans – said to be personifications of nature’s forces
  • Hera, the eldest daughter of Rhea & Cronus, sister & wife of Zeus and queen of Olympian deities
  • Thetis, one of Doris & Nereus’ fifty beautiful daughters (the Nereids), who dwelled in the Mediterranean Sea and were always helpful and friendly towards sailors battling perilous storms

It is also said to be beloved by Greek mythology’s sea nymphs (spirits of nature and minor female deities said to be protectors of springs, rivers and mountains).

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August 2Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August – Birth Stones

The two birth stones for August are the Peridot and the Sardonyx.

Occasionally referred to as the ‘Evening Emerald’ due to its light green colouring, the Peridot (found within volcanic ashes and once believed to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess) symbolises strength and is said to help bearers:

  • Develop their inner vision and ability to see into the future
  • Counteract negative thoughts
  • Overcome jealous thoughts

When this precious stone is set in gold, it is also said to protect wearers against nightmares.

Equally a stone of protection and strength, the Sardonyx is believed to bring stability and lasting happiness to partnerships/marriages and attract good fortune and friends. It is thought to be useful in enhancing integrity, stamina, vigour and willpower.

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August 3Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August – Flowers

August has two flowers associated with it, namely the Gladiolus and the Poppy.

Named after its leaves’ shape, which resembles a sword – or ‘gladius’ – the Gladiolus is said to have been the symbol of Roman gladiators and represents love at first sight, splendid beauty, preparedness and strength.

A native Mediterranean species of Poppy yields opium, a substance used to bring on sleep and ease pain in the ancient Mediterranean world. Ancient Greeks did, in fact, associate this flower with Morpheus (god of dreams) and Hypnos (god of sleep). The opium-derived drug morphine we use today owes its name to Morpheus.

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August – Trees

The four trees linked to August are the:

  • Cypress (1st to 4th of August), which is associated with the god of the underworld, Hades, and represents sacrifice
  • Poplar (5th to 13th of August), a tree of conquest, victory and endurance; great strength, vision and transformation
  • Cedar (14th to 23rd of August), which is a symbol of incorruptibility, protection, strength and wisdom
  • Pine (24th to 31st of August), a tree symbolising creativity, immortality and longevity

Spiritual Symbolisms and Meanings of August

All in all, August is a month of strength and protection; a month good for love, marriage and partnerships and a time to explore your inner visions and true inner self. Allowing you to bring light into your ‘darker (negative) side’, it is also a month of transition into that which is lighter and more positive.

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