Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana Suit of Wands, Part 3

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana Suit of Wands, Part 3

Continuing my series on exploring the meanings of Tarot cards, let’s look at the last five cards (6 to 10) in the Lesser Arcana suit of wands.

Suit of Wands 6Suit of Wands, Card 6

Drawn facing the right way up, this card can indicate hope, good news or triumph, but may also signal a young woman being betrayed by someone close (a friend for example) or servants (employees) losing their master’s (boss’) confidence. Drawn upside down, it may signal disloyalty, apprehension or fear; treachery or the fulfilment of a deferred hope.




Suit of Wands 7Suit of Wands, Card 7

Facing the right way, this card may be seen as a card of valour and success (of someone being attacked, but having a vantage position that makes it impossible for enemies to reach/affect him/her). On an intellectual it may signify worldly strive or discussions, while if concerned with business, it could indicate barter, competition or negotiations, or a trade war. It may also point towards a dark child. Reversed (upside down), it may signal anxiety, embarrassment or perplexity.



Suit of Wands 8Suit of Wands, Card 8

The right way up, this card represents activities and the path of said activities in undertakings; great hope, great haste or a speeding towards a happy ending. It may also signal love or, for a married individual, domestic disputes. Drawn reversed, it may indicate jealousy, quarrels or internal disputes, as well as a stinging conscience.





Suit of Wands 9Suit of Wands, Card 9

Signifying strength in opposition, this card may, if facing the right way, indicate that its subject will meet an attack boldly. Generally considered to be a negative card, it may signal adjournments, suspensions or delays. Upside down, it could indicate adversity, calamity or obstacles.





Suit of Wands 10Suit of Wands, Card 10

This is a card of many meanings and contradictions. On the one hand, it may signify good faith and honour; success, gain or fortune, yet on the other hand, it could signal oppression, deceit and falsehood; disguises and treachery. Success is hampered if this card is followed by the 9 of wands and, if a law suit is involved, loss is certain. If close to a ‘good’ card, it may indicate contradictions and difficulties. Reversed, it signals intrigues, difficulties and contrarieties; oppositeness, disagreements, and other analogies thereof.

Interpreting Cards

As always, these meanings are somewhat general and what any given card means to a specific individual depends on the question/s asked; the cards position within spreads and varying other factors.

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