Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 0 to 4

Tarot Cards – the Major Arcana, Cards 0 to 4

Some time ago, I briefly explained some of the basics involved in the ancient art of divination by Tarot cards (see ‘Understanding the Secrets of the Tarot‘). I would now like you to join me in taking a closer look at the divinatory meanings of the cards contained within the Major and Minor Arcanas.

Let’s begin by looking at the first 5 cards of the Major Arcana.

Tarot Cards, the Major Arcana, Cards 0 to 4

Numbered from 0 to 4, the first 5 cards of the Major Arcana include:

0 – The Fool

1 – The Magician

2 – The High Priestess

3 – The Empress

4 – The Emperor

The following paragraphs will show what these cards may indicate when turned over as part of a spread.

tarot fool0 – The Fool

The Fool may indicate betrayal, delirium or extravagance; folly, frenzy or intoxication. Reversed (drawn/turned over upside down), it may signal absence, apathy or carelessness; distribution or negligence; nullity (invalidity) or vanity.






tarot magician1 – The Magician

The Magician may signal address, diplomacy or disaster; loss, pain or self-confidence; sickness, skill or will. It may also represent the client (if this happens to be a male). Reversed, this card may indicate a physician or magus; disgrace, disquiet or mental illness.






tarot priestess2 – The High Priestess

The High Priestess points to mystery or secrets and/or the as yet unrevealed future. If the client is a female, it may also signal science, silence, tenacity or wisdom. For a male client, this card may represent a female he is interested in. Reversed, this card may point towards surface knowledge; passion or conceit and/or physical or moral ardour.






Tarot empress3 – The Empress

Drawn the right way up, The Empress may indicate action, difficulty or doubt; fruitfulness, ignorance or initiative; the clandestine or unknown or the length of days. Upside down (reversed), this card may point to light, public rejoicing or unravelling of complex matters; truth or indecision.






tarot emperor4 – The Emperor

The Emperor may indicate aid, conviction or a great person; power, protection or reason, as well as stability. Drawn reversed, this card my signal compassion, credit or benevolence; immaturity, confusion to/in enemies or obstruction.






 Interpretation of Tarot Cards

The correct (most suitable) interpretation of cards during readings obviously depends on individual circumstances and/or the question/s at hand, as well as on their position within the selected spread. This, of course, is why it is so important for both reader and client to focus on the question/s to be answered before/during the shuffling and subsequent laying out of the cards in the chosen spread.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot cards can reveal answers to many questions concerning every aspect of your life. Many members of my team are highly skilled in the use of this ancient art of divination. Get the answers you need today by giving us a call now.

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