The Bahá’í Faith

The Bahá’í Faith

Founded by a young Iranian by the name of Mirza Husayn Ali – now almost exclusively referred to as Bahá’u’lláh (Arabic for ‘Glory of God’) – in 1863, the Bahá’í Faith is the youngest of the major religions in the world. There are currently around six million Bahá’í – distributed over 235 countries –  in the world, 6,000 of which live in Britain.

The Bahá'í FaithThe Bahá’í Faith

Calling himself ‘The Báb’, Bahá’u’lláh proclaimed that a new messenger, the latest in a long line of prophets including Mohammed, Moses and Jesus Christ, was soon to arrive. Believed by Bahá’í to be the most recent Divine Messenger (‘Manifestation of God’), Bahá’u’lláh stated that he was not God’s final messenger and taught that God intervenes at different times throughout human history, revealing more of himself via his messengers each time.

Bahá’í Beliefs and Humanity

Accepting all religions as having valid, true origins, the central idea of the Bahá’í faith is unity, with progressive revelation holding a place of central significance. Believing all people should work in unison for the benefit of humanity, followers of this faith believe that all humans;

  • Have a soul and that this soul lives forever
  • Are members of one single race that should be united into a single worldwide community soon
  • Are different, but nonetheless the same, so there should be no inequality between genders or races

They also believe that, in spite of their apparent differences, all religions are based upon the same spiritual foundation. Unique in that it accepts all faiths as valid and true, the Bahá’í religion accepts the divine nature not only of the missions of Abraham, Moses and Zoroaster; Buddha, the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus, but also those of other prophets, divine messengers and manifestations – believing each one of them to be another stage in God’s revelation of himself to mankind.

Bahá’í Beliefs and God

Bahá’í followers believe that there is – and always has been – just one omnipotent, perfect God with complete knowledge of all life who is simply known among different religions by different names. Believing that all of creation and the universe belong to this one God, they also believe that this God is far too great to ever be understood fully by finite human minds. As it is impossible to directly comprehend God, we can only get an idea of who and what God is by observing the teachings and lives of his messengers and the world he created.

Bahá’í Faith and Other Religions

As far as followers of this faith are concerned, different religions have different views of this one God simply because any description of God would be limited and coloured by the experiences, cultural background and views of the individuals making these descriptions.

More Information

You can learn more about the Bahá’í Faith; its customs, prayers and ways of worship by visiting the BBC’s pages on this faith.

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