The Psychic Definition

The Psychic Definition

People will have often heard about psychic abilities, but they may not fully understand exactly what they are, where they came from and their significance is in life. Psychic abilities are usually passed down through the generations within a family. Some people’s gift may be stronger than others, but it commonly remains in the family line.

What is Psychic Power?

In its most basic form, psychic power is simply knowing, or seeing, the future before it happens. Therefore you are able to predict events that have not yet come to pass. Someone with psychic abilities is sensitive to supernatural forces that actually come from beyond our world. Visualisations or premonitions can be clear and easy to read, but at other times visions can appear blurred or in code, and are subsequently much harder to analyse. People with these abilities have shaped history significantly; planning marriages for royalty and organising battle strikes for kings whilst at war.

Other terms for someone with psychic powers include shamans, soothsayers and prophets. These terms have come from all over the world and occur throughout history. The term ‘psychic’ actually covers a range of unusual or supernatural talents; being psychic does not just mean that you can foresee the future. It can also include supernatural abilities such as psychometry, telepathy and clairvoyance.

Origins & History

It is unknown why some people are born with psychic abilities and others are not, and it is unclear where the ability has actually originated from, however the gift is apparent through the history of the world. Psychic abilities act as a sixth sense to those who possess them and feel entirely natural, although mastering them can take years. The most famous human with psychic abilities was Nostradamus, who lived in the early 16th century, and whose natural psychic ability allowed him to foresee natural disasters such as droughts, earthquakes and floods. The Native American community is rich in people who possess psychic abilities; in the past they were also considered to be excellent healers who could communicate with the dead.


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