“Tuning In”: How Psychics Can Guide From Afar

“Tuning In”: How Psychics Can Guide From Afar

As a natural clairvoyant, I am often asked how psychic powers work. The short answer, however, is that there is no short answer! There are many different psychic abilities, and different psychics experience and employ their abilities in different ways. Some may use tarot cards, runes or other tools to focus their abilities, whereas others can, like me, access their insights without any equipment.

So, with this caveat in place, let me answer one of the most frequent questions a psychic may hear: how can we offer guidance to people who aren’t present, and who may even be on the other side of the world?

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When you consult a psychic in person, they may use your physical presence to attune to your circumstances and your question. For example, a tarot reader may ask you to shuffle, cut or otherwise handle the cards in order to focus them appropriately, and other psychics may ask to make physical contact, perhaps holding your hand to make a connection which is both physical and spiritual. This is a very simple, natural and powerful way of attuning to a person, and is often easier for those who are less experienced. However, as you work with your psychic abilities, and they become stronger, you will find new ways to make that connection, and they don’t all require a physical presence.

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Names can be very effective; your name is something that’s very personal to you, and this is true even if you do happen to have a very common name. In cultures around the world a person’s name has been seen to hold power; this is seen in old fairy tales like Rumpelstiltskin, and in the secret name traditions still maintained by some cultures.

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Photographs are also powerful tuning tools; especially ones taken at significant moments during your life. Certain cultures once believed – and in some cases, still do believe – that taking a photograph could steal one’s soul, because of the strong psychic connection between a person and their own image.

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Personal items can be very effective stores of psychic energy; a ring, locket or watch that you wear every day will draw in some of your energies and a psychic who holds this item can then attune to these energies and gain insight into your personality and circumstances. This process is called psychometry.

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Your voice is again something that is very personal to you; we can recognise the voices of old friends and family members even if we haven’t spoken to them in many years. Simply by listening to your voice, a psychic can attune to you and find a connection to you on the spiritual plane. This is often the way that we attune to you when you call upon us for psychic phone readings.


Your horoscope is also an effective tool, particularly if you know the exact time and place of your birth as this will make your horoscope more accurate. The position of the stars when you were born influences many facets of your personality and self, and knowing these influences can help a psychic to connect to you.

Essentially, what this all comes down to is the power of thought; a psychic simply needs enough information to think about you as a unique individual and they will be able to find you on the spiritual plane and make that connection. This is because the spiritual plane is not geographically restricted; if you have ever had a distant friend call you on the phone just at the moment when you were thinking about them, it is this same kind of connection.

Whether by phone or email, these techniques allow psychics and clairvoyants, such as myself and my team, to offer insights and guidance wherever you may be. If you would like a phone reading, simply call on one of the numbers at the top of this page. You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Tony Hyland