Astrology Reports: Qualities, an Introduction

Astrology Reports: Qualities, an Introduction

Astrology Reports consider, among other aspects, human traits as they follow nature’s natural rhythms. This is nowhere more perceptible than in the manner in which the different characteristics of the so-called Qualities are adopted.

Astrology qualities

Qualities in Astrology Reports

There are three Qualities, Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable, each with four assigned signs. Astrology assigns the signs of the Zodiac to these qualities based on their positioning within the year’s four seasons. 

Cardinal Signs

The signs occupying the first month of a season are Cardinal signs. These signs are, for autumn, winter, spring and summer respectively: Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer. People born under Cardinal signs are the leaders, their role is to initiate and bring forth the new season. Governing creativity, Cardinal signs are occasionally referred to as ‘scout signs’.

Active and ambitious; self-motivated and restless, these signs are often community leaders. At times, they may come over as a little domineering, but this comes as part of the package with their most admirable qualities, which include being creative, enterprising and forceful; independent and spontaneous.

Fixed Signs

Signs placed in a season’s second month are called the Fixed signs. They include Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo (again shown in the order as above). Solidifying ideas and concentrating energies, Fixed signs have the role of maintaining the season, defending and upholding desires, goals, responsibilities and/or positions in everyday situations.

Least likely to welcome change and difficult to distract, these signs preserve tradition. Keeping their eyes firmly ‘on the road’ and their hands ‘on the wheel’, they can occasionally be stuck in ruts or come over a little stubborn, which is a downside to their capacity to ‘go the distance’. They are, however, valued for their devoted and loyal; consistent, patient and reliable natures. Their tendencies to have strong opinions and be inflexible at times are traits one may regard as negative, but in some areas of life, they are necessary and may even be encouraged.

Mutable Signs

Signs positioned within the final, third month of each season are known as the Mutable Signs. Using the same order as shown above Mutable signs include Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Their role is to prepare for change and the transition into the coming season. Common traits of these signs include flexibility, communication and destruction.

Communicative, flexible and highly adaptable, they are the most resourceful of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Throw them a challenge and they will find a solution quicker than you can say ‘we have a problem’. They can also make much out of very little. Embracing change and sometimes restless, they are extremely detail-oriented and need to be careful not to get so wrapped up in minutia that they fail to see the greater whole.

Signs and their Qualities

How individual signs express their Qualities depends on their elements and characteristics derived by consideration of other aspects of Astrology, all of which are reflected in our Astrology Reports.

Tony Hyland