Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Leo (Part 7 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Leo (Part 7 of 13)

As I mentioned in Part 6 of this series (Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Taurus), Leo and Scorpio; Aquarius and Taurus, the Zodiac’s Fixed Signs, occupy the second month of their respective seasons, Summer and Autumn; Winter and Spring.  As such, they concentrate energy; solidify ideas and have the responsibility to maintain their respective seasons.

fixed signsQuality of a Fixed Sign in General

The least likely signs to accept change, a fixed sign individual is a preserver of tradition. Their role is to defend, maintain and uphold positions and responsibilities, goals and desires in their daily lives. Far from being distracted easily, fixed sign natives firmly navigate life with a tight grip on the steering wheel and with their eyes unflinchingly on the road. Their tendency to be somewhat stubborn or ‘stuck in their comfortable rut’ on occasion is a bit of a downside to their amazing ability to stay the course at all times.

Devoted and loyal, our fixed sign friends and loved ones are typically highly valued for their patience, consistency and reliability. They can at times hold strong opinions and may come over as lacking in flexibility, but these fixed sign traits are ultimately something that could well be helpful and should certainly be encouraged in certain areas of life.

The Fixed Sign Leo

Often highly creative and artistic, Leos have their element, fire, to thank for their powerful ability to express themselves. Latching on to an idea, they will wrestle with it until it can be (and indeed is) expressed in a manner they believe to be best. Like the lion, the ‘king of the jungle’, a Leo native will always assert her or his masterful authority – regardless of whether this authority is imagined or real.

The efforts of a Leo individual are invariably underpinned by their single most outstanding quality – their self-confidence, and when it comes to psyching out competitors, there is no sign like Leo to quickly discover the secret of their success.

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Tony Hyland