Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Taurus (Part 6 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Fixed Signs – Taurus (Part 6 of 13)

Occupying the second (middle) month of every season, the fixed signs for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius respectively. Solidifying ideas and concentrating energy, these fixed signs are responsible for maintaining their respective seasons.

Astrology Reports Qualities, Fixed Signs

The Qualities of Fixed Signs

Fixed signs are the signs least likely to welcome change. Within the Zodiac, these signs have the role of preserving traditions, as well as upholding, maintaining and defending responsibilities and positions; desires and goals in everyday situations. Keeping their eyes firmly on the road and maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel, Fixed Signs are far from easily distracted. Their exceptional ability to always stay the course does have a downside, which is a tendency to occasionally be ‘stuck in their rut’ or a little stubborn.

In spite of their occasional lack of flexibility and the fact that they do hold somewhat strong opinions (both of which are traits that are not only needed but should also be encouraged in some of life’s areas), people born under Fixed Signs are usually valued highly for their reliable and consistent; patient, devoted and loyal natures. How the Fixed Quality is expressed by each individual sign does, as with other qualities, depend on each given sign’s individual characteristics.

The Fixed Qualities of Earth Sign Taurus

The element of Earth, for example, makes Taurus, the first of the Fixed signs (which is responsible for maintaining the Spring season), focus predominantly on accumulating material possessions. This also moves Taurus individuals to carefully guard that which they have accumulated and/or earned. The sensuous nature of Taurus natives means they very much enjoy tangible objects’ tactile qualities.

Oriented in and focused on their ‘here and now’, the Taurus native needs to see his or her labour’s tangible fruits. Unlike the natives of some other signs, who do not mind having more fame than wealth, people born under the fixed, practical Earth sign of Taurus prefer to see cash, rather than ‘just’ being famous.

Other People’s Possessions

Caring for other people’s possessions as much – and as responsibly – as they do for their own, Taurus natives frequently end up in professional guardianship positions. Their focus on security means the insurance business in particular is the perfect choice of industry for Taurus individuals.

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