Dos and Don’ts for Getting a Medium Reading

Dos and Don’ts for Getting a Medium Reading

People seek out readings with a medium for all kinds of reasons. Some are desperate for comfort and/or closure; others are simply curious. Others still are so full of doubt and scepticism that they almost visit a medium just to prove that what they do is simply not real.

Medium Readings

Your Attitude When Visiting a Medium

The success of a medium reading partly depends on you, your attitude and your expectations. If you intend to play games, do not believe anything real will happen and/or expect to be told about your future, it is likely that the sitting will achieve very little.

Dos and Don’ts for Getting a Medium Reading

To give your medium reading the chance to be everything you hoped for, read and follow the dos and don’ts I have listed here before you go:

Do make sure a medium is what you want before you make your appointment. Unlike psychics, mediums operate on a spiritual level and connect/communicate with those living in the Spirit Realm. If you wish to have a reading about your past, present and future, you should visit a psychic instead (it is important to know and remember that while every medium is psychic, not every psychic is a medium – I may go into more detail on this another time).

Do let the individual/s in spirit you wish to connect with know that you will be visiting a medium the day before your appointment. You can do this by simply mentioning it out aloud; through mediation or by ‘talking’ about it in your mind – whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Don’t visit a medium with doubt and scepticism in your heart – both will generate ‘walls’ that could make the sitting a total waste of time.

Do be honest and don’t play games, because again, this will create barriers that could result in the sitting being a huge waste of time.

Don’t try to ‘test’ a medium – not only will a genuine, experienced medium know what you are up to within minutes, but game-playing could also again render a sitting useless.

Do find out whether it is ok with your medium to communicate with him/her during the sitting. If it is, answer any questions with a simple, honest yes or no only – this is all they will need.

Do tell the medium who you wish to connect with – even the best mediums are only human and cannot read minds. A More often than not, a simple ‘I would like to hear from Uncle Jimmy’ is enough. Again, it is important to be completely honest – and remember, a good professional medium will not need to ‘fish’ for additional information.

Do know when the sitting is over – in other words, remember that a medium works on a spiritual, much higher level than the one we walk on in our daily lives. Once a medium ‘comes back down’ from this level, the sitting is over.

Doing your homework, educating yourself and following these dos and don’ts will enable you to make the most out of your visit to a medium.

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Tony Hyland