E-mail Psychic Readings – Do They Really Work?

E-mail Psychic Readings – Do They Really Work?

People often wonder how it is possible to do e-mail psychic readings, mainly because they believe that it is impossible for a psychic to ‘tune in’ to another person’s energy if they are miles apart.


Sure enough, close proximity matters in some cases – a psychometric, for instance, tunes into the energy of an object he or she is holding in order to obtain psychic information concerning it and/or its history. It is also fairly obvious that all of us are susceptible to the vibrations of other people and places. What must, however, be remembered is that the future, present and past can be tuned into and seen in many different ways.

E-mail Psychic Readings

A Connection

Consider this: if psychics could really only see anything that is within close proximity to them, how would we be able to know anything about the distant past of an individual or predict anything about their future – we are, after all, not there. Yet personal experience and history itself clearly show that it is possible to do this. I believe this is so because we are all in some way connected – and quantum physics has proven that we are indeed connected at a molecular level.


A genuine psychic like myself has the ability to connect with you via any means – sitting in front of you; talking on the telephone or reading an e-mail. You could be sitting on a beach in Hawaii while I am enjoying hot cocoa in the Antarctic and I will still be able to give you perfectly good, meaningful e-mail psychic readings. The physical distance between us is just that – physical distance, nothing more.

Focusing Intention

The key to why e-mail psychic readings are both real and usually very accurate is focusing intention. All that is required for natural intuition to work is a focused connection. Basically, whatever situation you may be in, you are thinking, living and feeling through it, both emotionally and physically. Other people involved in that situation are also in there somewhere. All this action is churning up heaps of energy and that energy, your life force, is always connected to you.

Why E-mail Psychic Readings Work

While you are typing the questions and information you are sending to me, you are consciously focusing on them with the intention for me to give you e-mail psychic readings based on this information. Throughout this process, your thoughts and energy are being projected all over that e-mail. As I open it, my subconscious picks up on your energy and thoughts and, as I focus on your questions/information like you did while typing them, we are forming a focused connection and I am able to produce a meaningful reading.

Order E-Mail Psychic Readings

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Tony Hyland