Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are often thought to only happen when someone has a near-death experience (NDE), but this isn’t always the case. An OBE happens when someone leaves their physical self and is able to operate within the astral dimension. This alternative but very real dimension is invisible to most people because they lack the psychical perception that’s needed to see it; however, we all have the potential to access it.

OBEs are temporary visits to this plain, as we remain connected to our physical selves through what is sometimes referred to as the ‘silver cord’. It means we can freely roam the astral dimension and be safe in the knowledge that we may safely return to our physical selves.

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 Are Dreams and OBEs Different?

Yes. Dreams are projections from our brain as we sleep, whereas an OBE takes place in a different dimension. Whilst sleeping, most people go through a partial disconnection from our physical self. However, we need to be aware of our separation in order to fully project our astral body. Some may be able to springboard to an OBE through a lucid dream, but it is not in itself an OBE.

Is it Dangerous?

No. The silver cord keeps your astral body connected to the physical body and can in fact increase their bond. People may want to explore far and wide in their astral body, but the moment they feel uncomfortable they will be brought back into their physical being.

There are some fears around OBEs, discouraging people from the practice. However, these are unfounded fears.

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How do I do it?

Meditation is a good starting point for an OBE, as you need to be in a completely relaxed state. Moving the physical body makes separation almost impossible, so be as still and calm as possible.

Only in the period before and after sleep does our astral self have chance to misalign spontaneously with our physical body, therefore you need to mimic this technique. Use an array of breathing techniques, focusing on your energy and attempting to remove one limb of your energy body at a time are all good places to start.

If you would like some guidance from someone who can access the astral dimension, then consider a clairvoyant email reading. You receive the same quality of reading as you would over the telephone, with the added benefit of being able to refer to the text whenever you need to.

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