Prophecy & Clairvoyance

Prophecy & Clairvoyance

Prophecy can be defined as the knowledge of future events, of past events which have been forgotten or of secret events that the prophet should know nothing of; the same definition applies to clairvoyance, and throughout history certain clairvoyants have been hailed as prophets.

Prophecies and the prophets who issued them were found in ancient societies throughout the world; the Oracles of Greece are perhaps the most well-known, but similar oracles were found in ancient India, pre-Colombian Americas, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Some medieval prophets, however, were so well-known that their names are familiar with us to this day. Nostradamus first published his prophecies in 1555, and despite the cryptic way in which they are written, many attribute great accuracy to them.

In England, Mother Shipton also issued prophecies, although they were not published until 1641, some eighty years after her death. Many are said to have come true, including one which foretold the Great Fire of London. Sadly, however, the most well-remembered refrains of her prophecies are those which were added by a publisher in 1862; Mother Shipton did not foresee the end of the world in any of her prophecies, let alone set it precisely in the year 1881 – her prophecies tended to be more regional in nature. Her fame lives on to this day despite such erroneous attributions, and the cave in Yorkshire in which she was said to be born is still open as a tourist attraction.

Other individual prophecies are well known, although their authors are forgotten. When Joan of Arc rose to prominence, many spoke of prophecies which said that France would be saved by a maid “from the borders of Lorraine” – precisely where Joan’s village lay. The prophecy, in this case, may have led many to believe in Joan, and this may have assisted in her success.

Nostradamus is said to have received his prophecies through the use of a crystal ball, but little is known of how Mother Shipton may have received hers. It seems natural, however, to assume that both had some form of clairvoyant talent which revealed the details of their prophecies.

Whilst clairvoyants are not regarded as prophets today, the same talents can be used to provide advice and guidance to any who seek them. If you are interested in clairvoyant readings from me or my team, please do not hesitate to call to get a reading now.

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