Signs of the Zodiac – Taurus

Signs of the Zodiac – Taurus


April 20th – May 20th

Taurus, the second symbol of the zodiac is a fixed sign and represented as the bull. With Venus as its ruling goddess, the Taurus harnesses the goddess’s pride in love, beauty and pleasure. With earth as its element and as lovers of physical pleasure and material goods, the bull is a very tactile person and loves comfort and being surrounded by pleasing and peaceful things, not to forget the good foods and fine wines.

With the mascot of the Taurus being represented by the bull, they have the notion of being bull headed and stubborn, which they may well be. While some see this as stubborn, the Taurus just wants to get things done, and will not embark on a task without intending to complete it. This trait of wanting to get things done with persistence can make people consider the Taurus as stubborn.

Taureans among us have a passion for pretty things, no matter where or what. Be it at home, in a museum, town or city and physical objects. Some may see this as materialism or blessed excess, proving the Taurus to be somewhat possessive. With these traits these individuals are not interested in living a life without being surrounded by beauty, the love of a happy home life, partner and stable relationship is what a Taurus desires.

Working hard on their personal lives is what a Taurus does as they value harmony, and working hard doing everything they can to keep a mate happy is a popular trait. The proclivity for sensual pleasure is always going to help. However, could these traits cause the Taurus to become a possessive mess? Probably not, but they can often be the sappiest of sentimentalists. At the end of the day; a Taurus will be loyal to the core and a true romantic.

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