Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, the Suit of Cups, Part 1

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, the Suit of Cups, Part 1

Continuing my series on the meanings of Tarot cards, I will today start exploring the meanings of the cards in the Lesser Arcana’s suit of Cups. The cards we will look at today include the King, Queen, Knight and Page of Cups.

Suit of Cups 1Suit of Cups – the King

Drawn facing the right way up, the King of Cups represents a fair man, a responsible man of divinity, business or law who is willing to oblige the querent. This card may also indicate creative intelligence; art, equity or science and those in involved in art, science or law-related professions.

It may, however, also warn a querent to beware of the ill-will of a man of high position. Drawn upside down, this card may represent a double-dealing, dishonest man; exaction, injustice or loss, as well as roguery, scandal or vice.

Suit of Cups 2Suit of Cups – the Queen

The Queen of Cups may, if drawn the right way up, represent a good, fair and honest, devoted woman who will serve the querent well. Indicating loving intelligence, this card may also signal a gift of vision; success, pleasure and happiness, as well as virtue and wisdom. It may also denote a woman of ambiguous character.

Drawn facing upside down, it may indicate a good or otherwise distinguished woman who should not necessarily be trusted; a perverse woman; depravity, dishonour or vice, as well as, surprisingly, a rich marriage.

Suit of Cups 3Suit of Cups – the Knight

This card signals an arrival or approach, possibly that of a messenger or a visit by a dear friend who will bring the querent unexpected money. It may also indicate advances or propositions; demeanour, incitement or invitations.

Reversed (upside down), it may signal artifice, duplicity or fraud; subtlety, swindling or trickery.

Suit of Cups 4Suit of Cups – the Page

Facing the right way, the Page of Cups may represent a fair young man, especially one who is impelled to provide service and who is in some way connected to the querent. This card may equally indicate a studious young man; a message, news or good augury; meditation, reflection or application and/or all or any of these things in relation to business.

Drawn reversed, it may it may speak of artifice, attachment or deception; all kinds of obstacles, seduction or taste.


Here, too, the given meanings are general only. What any given card means to a specific querent depends on a whole range of factors, including its position within a spread, neighbouring cards and, of course, the question that needs to be answered.

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