What Can an Astrology Birth Chart Tell You?

What Can an Astrology Birth Chart Tell You?

You probably already know that Astrology is an incredibly effective, precise predictive tool – but did you know that Astrology, or to be more specific, a birth chart, is a most comprehensive, in-depth way to discover who you are and what your true life’s path & potential are? Here’s what such a chart can tell you.

What a Birth Chart Can Tell You

Astrology Birth ChartA Birth Chart is created using the Zodiac Wheel, which describes planets as being within a sign of the Zodiac, and the Wheel of Houses. Based on the Earth’s rotation (24 hours) on its own axis, the wheel of houses describes planets as being within any one of 12 houses. These houses represent the different departments, or aspects of life and both Zodiac signs and planets (or their influences) will manifest themselves at their strongest within the sphere or aspect of life symbolised by the house into which they fall.

Studying these wheels, the positions and alignments of planets and the houses into which they fall at the time and date of your birth can reveal much about your talents, hidden strengths and weaknesses and how to maximise or transcend them (respectively).

Studying your moon, for instance, will give you an insight into what makes you feel safe, whereas studying Venus will show some of the natural talents you have and reveal how you express yourself in matters of love.

Your 7th House (the house of partnerships), the planets within it and its ruling planet will reveal what you look for in potential partners. Ruled by Saturn, your 10th house may indicate your best possible career choice and/or your most likely social position.

Astrology Birth Chart 2From work and career matters to love, social and work relationships; from health or financial matters to friendships, travel and home life, a birth chart provides you with rich, multi-dimensional insights that allow you to make the best, most informed decisions in all aspects of your life, fulfil your true potential and build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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