What Does the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Mean For You?

What Does the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Mean For You?

On the 28th September 2015, we saw a rare event in the night sky; the full moon will loom larger than usual in the sky and it will be subject to a complete lunar eclipse, making it a Supermoon and a blood moon at the same time.

This particular confluence of events has not occurred since 1982; it only happened five times in the entirety of the twentieth century. Should you miss it, you will have to wait until 2033 for another chance. However, even if you don’t watch it happening, its astrological effect will most certainly be felt.

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

Full Moon in Aries

Aries is a sign of leadership, high energy and quick tempers; when the Full Moon falls in this sign, such aspects are heightened, for better or for worse. The moon is the ruler of emotions, and thus an Arien full moon can be a time of high passions. Aries is a fiery and individual sign, so this can be a good time to stand up for yourself, to break out of stifling situations.


The moon’s orbit around the Earth is not a perfect circle; it is slightly elliptical. This means that at times it moves closer to the Earth. The point at which it is closest is scientifically called lunar perigee, and when this coincides with the full moon we see a supermoon, looming large in the sky. Psychically and astrologically, this enhances the moon’s effect on us quite significantly.

Blood Moon

A lunar eclipse is somewhat different to a solar eclipse; it does not become completely dark, instead taking on a reddish glow. This colouration is due to the way the sun’s light is filtered around and through the Earth’s atmosphere before reaching the moon, and is the reason for a lunar eclipse often being called a Blood Moon.

Because the moon usually reflects the light of the sun directly, its emotional effects are usually balanced by the sun; when the Earth lies between, we feel the effects of the moon more directly.

With the effects of the full moon exacerbated by both the supermoon and the lunar eclipse, this can be a rewarding time; however, Aries’ quick tempers and hot passions can also make for a challenging period. If you would like guidance in this time, to balance the temptation to act first and think later, you can call me or a member of my team for a clairvoyant phone reading.

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