What is an ‘Orb’?

What is an ‘Orb’?

Orbs have been around since humans have walked the earth, maybe even before. However interest in these entities, or beings, increased when photography became more accessible. They can be split into two categories dubbed ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’; the former being the most common. The term orb was coined back in 1994, by the International Ghost Hunter Society, to explain shapes and anomalies that occur on photographs. Psychics are able to converse with supernatural or spirit orbs, and ghost hunters will usually frequently see them at what are considered to be haunted locations.

International Ghost Hunters Society

Orbs are believed to be ghosts or spirits that appear in a ball of light. They are not to be confused with the natural orbs that are formed from dust and pollen. These supernatural or spirit orbs were once human; they are the physical representation of the human soul, including their emotions, personality and even their intelligence. Unlike typical ghosts, orbs are spirits that have chosen to stay behind. This could be because they feel somehow bound to the location in which they inhabit or lived their previous life; it is as though they feel bound by something, or to someone, and do not wish to move on. Most humans, when they die, feel at peace to move on to the spirit world, however because an orb has chosen to stay they will remain on Earth; maybe even forever. It is important to note that the longer a spirit remains on earth, the harder it is to move onto the spirit world.

When a spirit or ghost orb is in its circular form they are much easier to photograph, however they can sometimes be very faint or entirely transparent. It is believed that orbs are more likely to appear during the autumn or winter months of the year because the static electricity in the Earth’s atmosphere is increased. This means that they have the required energy to appear. There is nothing to fear should you come into contact with an orb; they do not wish to bring harm to those around them. In fact, they do not have much control over their actions and are often peaceful beings.

It can be quite difficult to go out with the purpose of photographing an orb, as it is troublesome to determine exactly when they will emerge as they rarely follow a set pattern. They will also often appear without warning.

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