Divination with Dice

Divination with Dice

There are many varied and different ways by which psychics & clairvoyants may exercise their talents; different cultures around the world have developed many different divination systems to help the talented peek into the beyond.

Many divination systems use an element of random chance; the concept is often that fate, the spirits or the gods control the outcome, and thus provide you with the answer. As one of the most ancient games of random chance, dice have been used in such a way for centuries.

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The simplest way to use dice in divination is to ask them a yes or no question. This can be done with a single die. Hold it in your hand, and concentrate on the question before rolling it. If the die shows an even number, the answer is yes; if it shows an odd number, the answer is no.

Once you look at more complex forms of dice divination, the picture becomes muddy. You will find, if you research the subject online, that there is little agreement on the technique. Many authorities recommend using three dice (a Victorian tradition) and throwing them within a circle, but disagree on whether you should disregard dice that fall outside the circle or take specific meanings from them.

Then, whilst they generally agree on the technique of adding the numbers shown on the dice within the circle and consulting a list for the answer to your question, it seems that every list differs substantially!

How can the dice be relied on for divination in this case? Well, for those who believe that the dice are controlled by an outside force (whether spirits or deities), it simply matters that you know what list you are going to refer to – in the same way that they know the question you ask, they know how you will interpret it! This means that you could, if you choose, write your own list of answers to use with the dice.

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Another way to read the dice would be to mark out the circle to define different areas of influence. You might, for example, split the circle into eight wedges, representing your finances, your health, conflicts, communication, decisions, information, relationships and desires.

Cast the dice into the circle and interpret them based on which segment they fall into; where a die shows an even number, this indicates a positive influence in this area, and where it shows an odd number it indicates a negative one. If none of the dice fall into a particular area, this indicates a neutral influence, or that it isn’t relevant to the situation at hand, and if two dice fall into a single area, one showing an even number and the other odd, this indicates an area of conflicting influences.

Divining the meaning of your dice throw, your spread of cards or your casting of runes can be difficult; even talented psychics and clairvoyants may take some time to become proficient in their art. If you struggle to discover the meaning of your path, or if you are facing difficult questions, I and my talented team can help. Simply call on one of the numbers at the top of this page for readings by telephone, or order email readings online.

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