Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience

Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience

Clairsentience is one of the ‘clair senses’, or psychic abilities, which also include: clairgustance and clairscent; clairtangency, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Another psychic ability, clairempathy (clear emotion), which is an individual’s ability to physically tune into and feel another person, animal or place’s emotional experience, is often described as being a part, or manifestation, of clairsentience.

Defining Clairsentience

Derived from the 17th Century French words for clear (clair) and feeling (sentience), clair sentience literally means clear feeling and is defined by varying dictionaries/sources as follows:

  • The perception of something that is normally not perceptible (Merriam Webster)
  • A person’s ability to obtain psychic knowledge through feeling (Wiktionary)
  • To perceive or obtain information through a feeling in the entire body, without any related (to the information or feeling) outer stimuli (Quantum Possibilities)
  • A metaphysical sense related to recurring emotional and physical feelings (Intuitive Journal)

Psychic Abilities Clairsentience

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So What Does this Mean?

Basically, clairsentience is a psychic reader’s ability to experience and feel the stream of life energy. This stream of energy includes the feelings of other people; spiritual insights, future premonitions and inanimate objects. A clairsentient individual is aware of all energy vibration types through his or her own body.

There are four main ways in which clairsentience can manifest itself:

Gut Feelings/Instinct/Insights: Sudden instincts, insights or inspirations (gut feelings) appearing out of nowhere are usually signs of clairsentience in action. Such ‘gut feelings’ can be sudden, strong physical and/or emotional responses causing reactions by the person feeling excitement, dread or joy. A sudden, unexpected dread may. for example, cause someone to take another route to work than usual and subsequently avoid an accident.

Empathy and Sympathy: The intuitive psychic gift known as empathy is the ability to pick up on another person’s feelings. True empaths with the gift of clairsentience actually have the ability to know precisely what another individual is experiencing.

Physical Sensations: Clairsentience may also trigger physical sensations, which may consist of pressure, a tickle or tingling sensations on top of the clairsentient person’s head (their crown chakra). In extreme cases, physical pain may also be experienced. Many clairsentient individuals also experience pulling, nudging or tapping sensations that direct them to certain problems, solutions or people.

Emotional Attachment: Perhaps the most unusual of ways in which clairsentience can manifest itself is an unbreakable, deep emotional attachment to another person, which allows the clairsentient to feel or sense the other person and experience their ‘ups and downs’ even at a distance. Even when there is a conflict or a relationship has broken up, this emotional attachment, or energetically linking, may remain.

Clairsentience in Psychic Readings

Often working as counsellors, clairsentient readers feel and read the emotions coming from their clients and may also use their ability for enhanced communication with the spirit realm.

How it Works

Feeling, rather than hearing or seeing the conveyed messages, a clairsentient reader will interpret these messages by using their intuition. Understanding the energies around them and sharing the feelings of their clients enables readers with clairsentience to help heal suffering, often by pointing out possible causes. Clairsentients may also sense or feel events to come.

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