Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

Mediums and psychics throughout the ages have used many techniques to connect with their guides and access their talents. One such method – and one which requires only items you already have in your home – is automatic writing or psychography.

As a spiritual practice, automatic writing was first described in 1878, and many spiritual proponents have used it since. Indeed, entire books have been composed in this way. One famous medium to use the method was the French psychic Hélène Smith. In seances, she would fall into a trance and receive clear images of a civilisation on Mars; in this state she would write out Martian communications such as the one pictured below, and later translate them into French. It is not clear whether the civilisation she was communicating with was really on the planet we call Mars; perhaps they were, but from the far past or future.

There are two main theories on the source of communications received through psychography; that they are the product of the writer’s subconscious, or that they are messages from spirits or other external psychic influences. Naturally, those with a psychic gift are more inclined to receive spiritual messages, but for others it can still yield valuable insights into the parts of yourself that are not usually given voice.

To try automatic writing for yourself, all you need is a quiet place with a level surface, a large sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, preferably one which can write clearly without needing a lot of pressure. Clear your mind of distractions and hold the pen over the paper as if ready to write. It may feel as if your arm moves by itself; allow it to do so, and do not attempt to filter or control the writing or drawing until you feel that it is finished.

Of course, in this modern age many of us are far more accustomed to typing on a computer keyboard than we are to handwriting. Some psychics – particularly ones who are also fluent in touch typing – have been able to channel spirits through their keyboards, but this method is far less versatile when it comes to symbols and images!

As with any kind of mediumship, it is wise to take certain precautions beforehand in order to avoid channelling unkind or negative spirits. Certain crystals can be used to promote positive energies, as can sage or other incenses, and of course you can call upon a higher power for protection.

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