Psychic Abilities: Clairgustance

Psychic Abilities: Clairgustance

Like clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, clairgustance is one of the clair, or clear senses.

Defining Clairgustance

Presumed to be coined in the 17th Century, clairgustance is believed to be a combination of the French word ‘clair’ (clear) and gustance, which in turn is derived from ‘guste’, a Middle English variation of the Latin word ‘gustus’, or ‘gustare’, which means to taste, try or sample.


Today’s dictionaries define clairgustance as:

  • ‘A paranormal ability to perceive a substance’s taste without actually putting anything into the mouth from the ethereal or spiritual realm.’ (
  • ‘Being aware of a taste without physically putting something into the mouth.’ (
  • ‘The ability to perceive substances’ essence from ethereal or spiritual realms through taste.’

Please note that these definitions had to be paraphrased in order to avoid copyright issues.

What Does that Mean?

In essence, this means that a person with the gift of clairgustance has the ability to taste substances associated with a person, place or object in the future, present or past without these substances actually being in their mouth.

Clairgustance in Psychic Readings

Clairgustant psychics experience varying taste sensations without the physical presence of the item/substance they are tasting. More often than not accompanied by other clair senses (in particular clairalience, or clairscent, which is the ability to smell non-present scents, aromas, etc.), clairgustant readers typically use this ability to identify the reason or source of a message or in order to communicate with a passed over loved one.

This does, however, by no means imply that this ability is exclusively linked to non-physical entities or the deceased. Many psychics do, in fact, very much experience tastes linked to living individuals. A specific scent may, for example, herald the visit of a close friend or family member; indicate a specific food needed by a client, or warn of an impending danger.

How it Works

When a psychic experiences a taste during a reading, he or she will use the taste as either an opportunity to identify a certain individual they are communicating with – such as describing the taste of your departed aunt’s favourite spiced buns (made using her very own, secret recipe), for example – or as a message of importance.

A psychic doing a reading concerned with health matters, for example, may taste certain medicinal substances as a warning of an impending illness; an indication of an illness’ cause and/or as a suggestion of what treatment will be most suitable. Psychics working in forensics or law-enforcement may taste blood, drugs or chemicals to provide a clue as to how a victim was killed, for instance. Basically, what is tasted and how it is interpreted depends very much on the situation; reader and client and, of course, the message to be conveyed.

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