Understanding Auras

Understanding Auras

Every one of us, and every living thing from growing plants to animals to the fish in the sea, has an aura – a psychic energy field which reflects their emotional and physical state. Talented psychics and clairvoyants can often sense or see these auras, and interpret the meanings of the colour and vibrations to gain valuable insights. There are also methods of recording auras, such as Kirlian photography.

Different psychics often perceive the aura in different ways – for example, some see the auric field as being possessed of seven distinct layers, and correlate those layers to the Seven Chakras, whilst others see a single field of psychic light.

However they are perceived, colour is very important in the sensing and interpretation of auras. Certain colours indicate psychic or physical health, and others can indicate a disturbance; different people’s auras can also often be different colours, reflecting their identities. Being able to identify a disturbance can allow the aura reader to advise their client on ways in which the energy can be re-balanced.

The size of your aura can be important, too; have you ever wondered why some people are comfortable with sitting close to others, whereas other people prefer to have more space around them? This is often due to their auras; when your aura overlaps with somebody else’s, it can cause psychic discomfort, and those with a larger aura will experience this more often.

Auras are also often seen by young children – this being the reason that they will choose particular colours of crayon to draw their mother, father and siblings. However, this is often trained out of them by grown-ups who question their choice of colour based on what is seen in the physical world.

It is also possible to train yourself to sense auras; a simple exercise can help you to sense your own aura. Rub the palms of your hands together quickly then pull them apart; rub them together again and then move them apart slowly. You should be able to sense a warm tingling sensation, a little like the feeling of holding opposed magnets together. This is the sensation of your own aura.

Reading auras is, of course, just one way in which clairvoyant readings can be undertaken. For guidance and advice on your life’s journey, call me or a member of my team to get a reading now.

To call me, the number for UK callers is 0800 999 3831. Australia 1800 558 140, Canada 1866 403 3407, USA 1855 864 9382, Ireland 015 060 692, Rest of the world +44 1749 860 777.

To call a member of my team, the number for UK callers is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 76 9422, USA 1855 864 9383, Ireland 015 060 693, Rest of the world +44 207 111 6115.

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