Do Psychic Telephone Readings Really Work?

Do Psychic Telephone Readings Really Work?

While psychic telephone readings are without doubt becoming increasingly popular, many people are still questioning whether they really work. More to the point, sceptics are asking how readings over the phone could possibly be as accurate as readings that are done face to face. Here are my views on these matters.

Psychic Telephone Readings 1Do Psychic Telephone Readings Really Work?

The question if and how psychic telephone readings work is predominantly asked by people with a preference for Tarot readings.

It appears that while most people can accept that a clairvoyant or medium, for example, may not need to be within close proximity to you to provide a reading, matters may be different when it comes to Tarot experts. The problem here seems to be the fact that people are used to being asked to shuffle the cards before their reading commences.

The fact is, readings are not influenced by whoever shuffles the card – face-to-face readers usually ask you to do this predominantly to focus your (and their own) attention on proceedings and the question/s at hand.

How can Psychic Telephone Readings be Accurate?

With regards to the question whether psychic telephone readings can be as accurate as readings performed within face-to-face settings, the proof is, as they say so very quaintly, in the pudding – just take a peep at what some of my clients have to say to see what I mean…

I do, as a matter of fact, believe that phone psychic readings can, if anything, be more accurate than face-to-face ones. Here is why…

Why Psychic Telephone Readings Can be More Accurate than Face-to-Face Readings

There are three good reasons why I believe psychic telephone readings are likely to be more accurate than person-to-person readings:

  1. You are most likely making the call from your home or from some other, private spot. This means you are more relaxed and subsequently more open to psychic energies than if you were facing a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings. Freely flowing psychic energy allows your reader to be much more accurate.
  2. Your phone psychic cannot see you, which means he or she is far less likely to be influenced by all that visual information you cannot help but give away when facing a reader. Let’s face it, even an experienced psychic could be influenced by all sorts of impressions from the way you are carrying yourself or the clothes you are wearing before either of you has uttered a single word.
  3. During your reading, your facial expressions and eyes could provide a reader sitting in front of you with millions of more or less relevant clues. Unless you are an exceptional actor/actress or have a poker face, your face could, for instance, light up or fall if your reader mentions relationships. This alone can speak volumes. Over the phone, this is, of course, not a problem.

Psychic Telephone Readings 2Get a Reading

Psychic Telephone Readings can help you make more informed decisions, answer any questions you may have and provide you with helpful, honest advice; reassurance and comfort. Whatever your need, whatever answers you may seek, we can help.

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