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  • Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Wands, Part 1

    The Lesser Arcana is composed of 56 cards in four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit consists of 16 cards including the King, Queen, Knight and Page and numbers 10 to 1 (Ace). Today, we will start looking at the meanings of the Lesser Arcana’s cards, starting with the King, Queen, Knight and Page of Wands.

    Lesser Arcana1King of Wands

    Typically regarded to be a favourable card, the King of Wands may indicate a dark man or countryman (generally friendly, conscientious, honest and married). It may also stand for a good marriage. Reversed (upside down), this card may indicate someone austere, yet tolerant or good, but severe. It may also indicate that advice should be heeded.





    Lesser Arcana2Queen of Wands

    This Lesser Arcana card may represent a chaste; friendly, honourable and loving dark woman or countrywoman. If the card adjoining her in a spread indicates a man, she (the Queen of Wands) is well disposed towards him. If th adjoining card also indicates a woman, this woman has an interest in the querent. It may also signify the love of money or a good harvest, which may be interpreted in varying senses.

    Reversed, the Queen of Wands may signify something/someone good; obliging, economical or serviceable. It may also indicate goodwill (without the opportunity for this goodwill to be exercised) towards the Queen. Facing upside down, this card may also point towards jealousy; opposition or even infidelity and/or deceit.


    Lesser Arcana3Knight of Wands

    This card may signify a departure, change of residence or emigration; an absence, flight or friendly, dark young man. In some readings, it may be a bad card signalling alienation.

    Reversed, the Knight of Wands may signify division; discord, interruption or rupture. For a woman, it may also indicate frustration in marriage.




    Lesser Arcana4Page of Wands

    The Page of Wands may indicate a faithful, dark young man; a lover, envoy or postman. It may also indicate a young man in the family seeking a young lady. If placed beside another card indicating a man, this card bears favourable testimony concerning this man. Should the Page of Cups be drawn immediately after this card, the combination may point towards a dangerous rival.

    If the Page of Wands is reversed, it may signal announcements, anecdotes or evil news. It may also indicate indecision and associated instability.



    Lesser Arcana Interpretations

    As with the cards of the Major Arcana, Lesser Arcana cards are interpreted in accordance with their position within a spread, the order in which they are drawn and, of course, the relevant question/s at hand. The recurrence of specific Lesser Arcana cards in their natural (right way up) and reversed (upside down) positions during a reading also influences interpretations, but we will explore this later.

    Tarot Readings

    Reveal a great deal of information about yourself and your past, present and future, full Tarot spreads can be exceptionally helpful. My team includes several highly skilled Tarot readers. Give them a call today to get answers, insights and helpful advice concerning any aspect of your life.

    For UK callers, the number to call is 0800 999 8831. Australia 1800 018 367, Canada 1866 892 4009, USA 1855 864 9383, Ireland 015 060 693, Rest of the world +44 207 111 6115.

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    Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Gemini (Part 10 of 13)

    The third and final signs of each season are the mutable signs. These signs, which include Gemini (Spring); Virgo (Summer), Sagittarius (Autumn) and Pisces (Winter) are responsible for preparing towards change in the coming season.

    Mutable SignsMutable Signs’ Qualities, General

    Flexible, highly adaptive and communicative, natives of mutable signs embrace change and are often restless. Thrown a curve, they have the ability to turn around and find solutions quicker than you can say ‘Boo’. The most resourceful among all the signs of the Zodiac, people born under mutable signs can make much from very little. Highly detail-oriented, they can, however, occasionally lose sight of the ‘greater whole’ by getting too wound up in minute particulars.

    The Mutable Signs: Gemini

    The need for stimulation in Gemini natives cannot be overstated. These highly intellectual individuals need information and news like they need the air they breathe. Geminis are no loners and, thanks to their element (air) thoroughly enjoy exchanging ideas with others. To a Gemini, the dial and ring tones of a phone are as comforting as a baby’s heartbeat is to its mother.

    Constantly racing, the minds of this adaptable mutable sign’s natives enable them to connect different bits of information together in a myriad of ways, which makes them exceptionally good at figuring out things – be they murder case facts; gadget instructions or the fine intricacies of the country’s budget. Remaining objective at all times, Gemini individuals can change position as rapidly as they take in new information.

    Gemini’s Downfall

    There is just one thing that tends to let Gemini natives down: their ability to handle several things simultaneously can on occasion tempt them into taking on too many responsibilities. When this happens, they can start to procrastinate or become scattered. When they remain focused, however, they can achieve more in a single day than most others achieve in a week.

    Understanding Gemini Friends

    You can learn more about and get to better understand your Gemini friend/s – or indeed natives of any other cardinal, fixed or mutable signs – by ordering a Character Profile/Birth Chart (prepared using their individual personal details) for them today.

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