Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Virgo (Part 11 of 13)

Astrology Reports: Qualities, Mutable Signs – Virgo (Part 11 of 13)

As I mentioned before, mutable signs occupy the final – third – month of every season. Their role is one of preparation for the transition into the coming season. Common traits among all mutable signs – Virgo (Summer); Sagittarius (Autumn), Pisces (Winter) and Gemini (Spring) – include flexibility, communication and destruction.

Mutable Signs - Virgo

Qualities of Mutable Signs

Restless; communicative, highly adaptable and flexible, mutable signs can come up with solutions to anything life throws at them in the blink of an eye. Embracing change willingly and easily, they are the Zodiac’s mot resourceful signs and can turn little into much. Sometimes, however, their highly detail-oriented nature causes them to get so caught up in trivial, minute particulars that they fail to see the whole picture.

Mutable Signs – Virgo

Just as intelligent as those born under its fellow mutable sign Gemini, Virgo natives tend to be more practical, a result of having Earth as its element. Seeking to devote their substantial communicative talent to concrete goals, Virgo individuals tend to be less likely to get scattered through attempting to do too many things at once. They are, however, even more likely than Gemini natives to get bogged down by tiny specifics.

Mutable Signs – Virgo and Productivity

No other sign matches Virgo people’s precision and fastidiousness. Polishing everything they do until it shines, Virgo natives have an overwhelming desire to be – and feel – productive. Chilling out and relaxing are arts few Virgo individuals manage to learn, and wasting time makes them feel bad.

Mutable Signs – Virgo and Organisation

As an Earth sign, Virgo natives also have amazing powers of organisation, a skill that enables them to get tangible results they can compare, assess, measure and bring to perfection. They are, however, far from being rigid, and their mutable quality and flexibility enables them to make razor-sharp mid-way course corrections like no other sign – an asset they tend to keep well hidden under their impeccably white, starched sleeves until required.

Understanding Mutable Signs – Virgo Loved Ones

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