November – Its Energies and Spiritual Meaning

November – Its Energies and Spiritual Meaning

november1Guarded by the animal spirit of the dolphin, November is a month that is packed with spiritual meaning and energies. All about action, continuity and spirituality, this month is concerned with:

  • Spiritual Awakening, Law and Revelation
  • Enlightenment, Divine Influence and True Love
  • Natural Talents, Mysticism and Magic
  • Compassion, Discretion and Generosity

The powerful psychic energy of this month enables you to tap into your own, personal soul mission.

November and the Spiritual Meaning of the Number 11

The name November is derived from the Latin for ‘ninth month’, which is ‘Novembris mensis’. Being the year’s 11th month, November is endowed with extra metaphysical/spiritual meaning by this. Magically and metaphysically representing the earth wizard’s ancient powers, the extremely powerful number 11 ushers in social occasions and excited energy. On the 11th of this 11th month, a shift of energies ushers in influences coming from other worlds via the Taurids (or Halloween Fireballs), an annual meteor system or shower that is associated with the Encke comet.

november2The Spiritual Meaning of November

Representing the spiritual warrior, this month acts like a mirror, reflecting the truth that the real battle invariably lies with your own self. Now is the time to remain mindful and concentrate on right actions and correct conduct. This month’s energies provide personal protection. Not permitting any escapism, the energies of the number 11 will not allow you to cover your eyes and deny happenings around you, but will instead call for awakening and action.

In order to reach the sixth sense’s mystical realm and to progress beyond our limited world into the realm of supernatural energy and spirit, you must first of all master the 5 physical senses and really get to know and understand yourself in a literal, strong sense.

What November Means to You

Streaming forth a period of transition, psychic and personal growth, this month heralds new beginnings or new chapters in your life. Use this time to look at how your entire life has brought you to the point you are at right now. It is no accident that everything you need to move forward and grow is at your disposal at this moment in time – regardless of your current situation – and all you have to do to find it is to look deep inside yourself. In these times of transition, it is important for you to be present, awake and, of course, alert.

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