Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3

In this post, Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3, we will explore the meanings of the last five cards of this suit, cards 6 to 10.

the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3 1Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3: Card 6

This is a card of memories, the past and looking back on, for example, happiness or enjoyment coming from the past, childhood, memories or things that have gone. Some readings reverse this, indicating new knowledge, environments or relations.

Drawn upside down, this card also signals renewal, the future or something that will come to pass soon.




the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3 2Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3: Card 7

Drawn facing the right way, this card indicates images of reflection, imagination and sentiments; things seen within the mirror of contemplation or ‘fairy favours’. It may also indicate movement, an idea or design, as well as a fair child or attainment, although nothing substantial or permanent is suggested. Upside down, this card signals desire, will, determination or a project. If the spread shows a 3 of Cups near it, it may also indicate success.




the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3 3Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3: Card 8

On the surface, this card tends to speak for itself. Some readings may, however, be completely antithetical and suggest joy, modesty or honour; marriage with/to a fair woman or mildness, as well as timidity. Reversed, this card signals feasting, happiness and great joy.





the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3 4Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3: Card 9

Indicating advantage, contentment or concord; success, victory or physical well-being, this card signals satisfaction for the person the consultation is made for. Reversed (upside down), this card may signal good business, loyalty, liberty or truth, but, as readings vary, it may also indicate imperfections or mistakes.





the Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3 5Lesser Arcana, Cups, Part 3: Card 10

Indicating repose of the heart, contentment and the perfection thereof, this card may, if accompanied by a selection of picture cards, it may signal a person taking charge over the interests of the querent or the country, town or village the querent inhabits.

For male querents, it may signal something beyond his expectations or a good marriage. Drawn upside down, this card may indicate indignation, sorrow or violence, or repose of a false heart.





As I mentioned before, these meanings are, of course, general and specific meanings to individual querents will depend upon factors including the question/s asked, the spread in use and more.

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