Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Wands, Part 2

Tarot Cards – the Lesser Arcana, Wands, Part 2

Today, we will look at the meanings of cards 1 (Ace) to 5 in our first suit within the Lesser Arcana, Wands.

Lesser Arcana, Wands aceLesser Arcana, Wands, the Ace

Facing the right way up, the Ace of Wands may indicate creation; enterprise or invention and/or the powers they result from; a beginning, source or principle; an origin, birth or family or the start of an enterprise. In some interpretations, it may be considered as an indicator of money, fortune or an inheritance. In some readings, it may also predict calamities of varying kinds.

Upside down, it may indicate decadence, perdition or ruin; a fall, perishing or clouded joy. It may also signal a birth.



Lesser Arcana, Wands 2Lesser Arcana, Wands, Card 2

There is no possibility of marriage between alternative readings: on one hand, there may be fortune, magnificence and riches; on the other hand, there may be chagrin, disease and physical suffering; mortification and sadness.

The design of this card suggests a lord alternately overlooking his realm and contemplating a globe; it appears like the sadness, mortification and malady of Alexander among the wealth of this world. It may also signify that trivial disappointments can be expected by a young lady.

Reversed, it may indicate enchantment, surprise or wonder; emotion, fear or trouble.


Lesser Arcana, Wands 3Lesser Arcana, Wands, Card 3

The figure on this very good card symbolises commerce, discovery and effort; enterprise, established strength and trade – bearing his merchandise, his ships sail across the sea. It may indicate that collaboration will favour an enterprise.

Upside down, the 3 of Wands may signal a suspension or the end of adversity; disappointment, toil or troubles.




Lesser Arcana, Wands 4Lesser Arcana, Wands, Card 4

This card indicates that for once, concord, country life and/or harmony; peace, prosperity, repose and/or the perfected works of these are on the surface. It may also signal unexpected good fortune.

The meaning remains the same when the card is drawn upside down – it still indicates beauty, embellishment and/or felicity; increase and prosperity. In this case, it may also predict that a married woman will be blessed with beautiful children.



Lesser Arcana, Wands 5Lesser Arcana, Wands, Card 5

Facing the right way, this card signals imitation, such as, for instance, in a sham fight; the strenuous struggle and competition in the search for fortune and riches. In some interpretations, it is regarded as a card of gain, gold and opulence and may indicate successful financial speculation.

Upside down, it may signal contradiction; disputes, litigation or trickery. It may indicate that a quarrel can be turned into an advantage.



Expert Interpretation

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